Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CCM: Week Two

So, the second week is not bad. The spanish is really picking up. I taught a lesson yesterday speaking only spanish and not reading anything. My spanish is really slow and I might sound like I have a disability, haha.I found out more about Nicaragua. A native from there told us that its super hot and that its hard to sleep. He said the food is ok and they don't just eat rice and beans. He said they eat tons of burritos, so that is great. Tell Tyler good job representing.  I miss him so much. (editor's note: Tyler attended a basketball camp this past week at the rival school, Mesquite High. When they scrimmaged the coach asked the boys what they wanted to name their team. Tyler said "The Gilbert Tigers!" the coach said "NO".) The food here is ok.  I got sick one day this week, but I still went to class and learned a lot. I can now say I think that I have studied 8 hours everyday for the past two weeks. The days last forever,  but not p day. The week on the other hand flies by like no other. I have not lost anything yet! There is an awesome Elder in my district named Elder Sautter. He is also from Arizona, he went to school in Buck Eye. He never took any spanish before he came so its funny. Also about the food, we eat a lot of Nutella which I don't like so I pass on it often. My favorite thing here are the Mangos, they are the best thing ever. MOM I miss you. I'm so proud to be your son. keep your blog going it sounds awesome. Be sure to put on it how proud I am that my mother served a mission. I love you keep me up to date with everything=)
Q: How is the spanish coming? A: The Spanish is awesome. I can teach speaking it a little.                                                                                    Q: Are you losing or gaining weight? A: I'm going to have an awesome 6 pack after the MTC                                                                 Q: Are you homesick? A: Not really, but I really miss you. Heavenly Father has been    
     watching out for me.                                                      
Q: Are you getting bug bites? A: Yes but not that bad.                           
Q: Do you need anything else? A: Just your prayers                             
Q: Is your whole district going to Nicaragua? All but Elder Sautter.     
Q: Do you feel safe there? The walls are 30 feet High and have barb wire, but the blessing   
     President Ballard gave was the best protection. There is a little bit of crime but I'm so 
     protected its ridiculous haha (Eric reported to a friend but not his family that they could 
     hear gun shots outside the CCM).                                                                             
Q: Do you ever leave the CCM? A: No, Investigators come here.         
Q: Are you getting along with your companion? A: We are getting good!
                                                   I LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS!





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  1. This letter is awesome! I hope he continues to write good, long letters!