Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CCM: Week Three

Wow, this week was an eventful week. Our first fake investigator turned out to be our new teacher so that was funny. Also one of my teachers here was James Wirthlin's old companion. He said James was the coolest. My Spanish is still coming along fine. Our days are so long here, but our weeks fly by. Like I said last week studying for 10 hours is a normal day. Jared is going to love the Provo MTC they get a member of the quorum of the 12 visiting about every other day. We have only had visits from the members of the quorum of the 70. Tell Tyler good job making me proud at basketball. In the MTC we can’t play rugby or football. So, I have become pretty awesome at volleyball. The best thing not related to the spirit this week was when Elder Baldwin came. It felt so good to see someone I knew. We hugged and were glad to see each other. An even better treat was when he gave me Halle's drawing of her and Christ. It is hanging up in my apartment. Sundays are awesome here. We have a lot of stuff to do, but at least it's not studying. I have to teach a lesson every week to my district. Dad’s lessons have helped so much. We actually taught our first real investigator yesterday and it went ok I guess. On Sundays we watch movies. One of my favorites has been a movie called "Just a Stone Mason.” Watch as a family for family night. It's really good. Or try to see the movie “Testaments.” I hope Chloe is having a great time at EFY. Mexico is fun. Yes, at night you can hear gunshots but we are so protected its crazy. We have a huge wall and police from America all around the MTC. The rain here is crazy. It rains everyday and rains a lot. We also had an review incase of an earthquake. We were told where to go. It's funny we have to stay in these little green squares. We won't ever have one, the President said. Today we got to go visit the Temple. Let me tell you Gilbert Is a Bubble. The streets in Mexico City are crazy!  The lines for the ATM are a mile long, not exaggerating. Also if you put your arm out the window it will be ripped off by the next driver, it’s so sketchy. The police here have huge guns, it's kind of cool. The buses are the best though, they are  like movie Divergent. They never stop so people jump on and jump off and there is no law on how many people can get on. I also sent some letters home I hope you all get them. I have also learned the importance of feet. My feet are fine but if you don't take the time to wash them and take care of them they will be a sick and hurt. An Elder from my district found that out. I love helping people it makes my day. I love all of you so much! 

Editor’s note: I think Eric means a movie called, "Only a Stonecutter". The second one he mentioned, could be, "The Testament of One Fold and One Shepherd".  I am not sure.

Q: Surprise! I sent Krispy Cream Donuts through local a Mexican Service that said they deliver to the Mexico MTC. Did you get them? A: Loved the surprise, they were fresh, I shared them
Q: Do you drink the water in Mexico and is it filtered? A:  Its ok
Q: What are you classes like? A: Good, 10 hours a day
Q: What is the MTC Mission President Like?  Cool
Q: Are you divided into branches with a branch President being the leader? A: He is nice and funny
Q: Do you ever see General Authorities there? A: No
Q: Would you recognize them if you did? I remember being at the Provo MTC years ago and many missionaries saying, "there is so and so", and I did not know many of them. A: Yeah, I would
Q: Are you happy? A: Yes
Q:  Did you get the camera? A: Yes, It’s awesome
Q: Did you go to the Temple; I thought it was closed for renovations?  We did this morning. We visited the Visitors Center. 

Earth Quake Gathering Place

Walls Surrounding the CCM

Mexico City Temple

Happy Elder Hironaka In Class

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