Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CCM: Week Five

Q) How is the Spanish coming? A) its good, its fun
Q) Have you gotten sick again? A) nope
Q) Are you ready for a new companion?  Kind of
Q Are you ready to go to Nicaragua? Yes, I'm excited
Q) Do you have your travel plans yet? no =(
Q) Can you call me from the airport? Yes, but idk when
Q) How is your district? It's great, it's fun
Hey everyone! Well, life at the MTC is almost over. Life here is so repetitive. I miss everyone and think of home quite often. I hope everyone is doing great. I  am so jealous everyone got to go to the lake and the cabin. I definitely want to   go there when I get home. I really miss our families trips. Thanks again Mom and Dad, you created some great ever lasting memories.
Well this week was slow. I'll start by saying I am following the words of the Prophet. I know and believe if I read the book of Mormon in Spanish I will be fluent in the language. Right now I'm almost to Alma. But it has taken forever because I read it first in English. My English is getting worse though=(  I know I will pick it up again when I get home.
It is funny how the Church world is so small. I have another teacher who knows fluent spanish and fluent english and was called to Utah and knew Ted Bell, haha. He said he was funny. Also every teacher and Mexican I have met has either been to or has lived in Mesa Arizona. And everyone who has returned  from their mission there and who is now here wants to get married, haha it's funny.
Mom I got your 3rd dear elder yesterday. It really made my day. It's funny all you guys started to wear my stuff. I like it. Tyler you can have my phone but please Mom, take all my coaches numbers off and save them. Thanks.
I can call on Tuesday!!! I don't know when, but I know I can. Also check your email this week I think we can email more because it's our last week.
Some other funny things that happened this week are: remember I told you the food is bad here? Well, my friend Elder Benett had pistachios. I haven't had a Pistachio since I was little and had to go to the hospital because of one. But I tried one this time taking off the shell. I liked it.  It was good. Also this is kind of weird but, the Doctor here asked me if I had an inhaler when I was young and I said yes, so he gave me one for Nicaragua just in case. It reminded me of so many times I really needed it.
I love you I miss everyone so much!

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