Monday, July 28, 2014

Masaya Nicaragua Week 7

I love it here. This is the best adventure ever. I have only been out for 6 days in the field and we already have a family and 3 people who want to be baptized. The people are so nice here and the children are the best. It's funny, what I heard about Nicaragua was wrong. There is no crime here. Like none. We always have electricity and the water is not bad. There is also like zero bugs here. 

My first day was fun. I had to contact a bus! I had to stand in the front of the bus and teach or share my testimony. I didn't get any help from my companion. 

The food here is good, a lot of beans and rice. Its funny I have to drink soda with everything. I hate soda.

The best thing here though is the stars. SO so so many stars.

Something that’s everywhere here also which I love is avocados. I love them.

I have only have only eaten one thing that was weird but I loved. I ate this little fruit. It looks and feels like snot, haha, but it was awesome.

My first p-day was great we went to the lake. There are monkeys everywhere. This place really looks like what you see on TV. I'm in the best place to buy souvenirs.

Anyway, I’m short on time.  I love all of you please be safe. I miss all of you so much.


Q) What is your area like? A) Awesome! I love it!  
Q) Tell me about your companions. A) I have 3 companions. Two are the Zone
     Leaders, and one is new like me. His name is Elder Carter from Utah. My
     companion for the day is Elder Palacios who is from Nicaragua and the other
     ZL is Elder Munge from Costa Rica.
Q) What is your living quarters like? A) Awesome, I have a bed and two
Q) Are you in cultural shock? A) No, I thought it was going to be worse
Q) What are the bathrooms like? A) Nice, cold showers
Q) Water situation? A) Ok, I'm using my filter 
Q) Do you have a refrigerator or electricity?  A) Yes and Yes
Q) What are the Nicaragua people like? A) I love the people. They are so nice.
     Seems like many are interested.
Q) Did you get to stay one night withe the mission President? A) No
Q) Do you feel safe?  A) This place is more safe than America
Q) Can you exercise? A) Yes, I do 300 push ups                                         
Q) Do you have someone wash your clothes? A) Yes
Q) Can you get into the water? A) Nope we can't which is sad. It is awesome! 




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