Monday, July 21, 2014

Phone Call From the Mexico Airport

July 21, Monday, I went to bed with the phone under my bad. Around 4:00am the phone rang. I answered it before even a whole ring had finished. The line went dead. I knew it was Eric. I prayed and waited hoping he would get through. The phone rang once again around 4:30. I answered and on the other end I heard “Mom?” We talked about 20 minutes and then the line went dead. It was ok because we were about ready to hang up and had already exchanged I love you. He called collect. His voice cracked when he heard ours but sounded happy and well. He said he had been homesick but said The Lord was helping him through it. He also said they were traveling with a group of about 13 missionaries and all were going to the south mission. He said he was super excited to be going to Nicaragua. He spoke a little to us in Spanish, which was fun to hear. It was just so good to hear his voice. I prayed for all of them to have a safe journey. He said he has only gotten 3 of my dear elder letters and we have send about 6. That means they are over 2 weeks behind. I am going to copy and paste the missed letters and try to send them to Nicaragua.

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