Saturday, July 19, 2014

Travel Plans to Nicaragua

Eric emailed us his travel plans on July 19, 2014, Saturday
Hey I got my flight plan. I leave for the airport MONDAY at 3 in the morning my time.  My ride to the airport is only 45 min and my plane leaves at 6:57 in the morning. I think I will have time to call. I really hope so! I miss you! Stay by the Phone all of MONDAY!

Mom, I really miss you. I wasn’t able to Email really today. But I really hope I can call. It’s still a maybe though. I love you so much please be safe and pray for me and my understanding of Spanish. I will try my very hardest to call in Mexico. In Nicaragua I don’t know if I can call or when my next P-day is. I LOVE YOU!  Please don’t miss my call and know it’s 10 American dollars a minute to call so please put money on my card. Please if not, know I love you so much Mom and I will email you next P-day. LOVE YOU!

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