Monday, July 7, 2014

CCM: Week Four

Hey everyone! The time here is really picking up fast; I'm almost in Nicaragua. I have missed all you guys so much this week. After I emailed last time we watched a movie about families. I really wanted to tell all you how much I love you. We talked about our families the day after. Unfortunately a lot of other missionaries are happy to be away from their family and wish they were closer when they were growing up. Me on the other hand, miss my family the most. Thanks Mom and Dad for making it possible for me to have a lot of fun. I love you guys so much. Tyler, Chloe, Halle, thank Mom and Dad more. They really do a lot for us and teach us a lot of great lessons. I shared what our Christmas's are like and my district thought it was awesome. I really miss you guys. The day after P-day was awesome. It was the Forth of July. It really was a bummer spending it away from my family and not seeing the fireworks. The food on the other hand was awesome. The breakfast that day was French toast. I had a ton and so did everyone else. The lunch that day was outstanding too. We had corn on the cob and barbecue sandwiches. We also all stood and sang the National Anthem. We all almost cried. I miss America so much. It's really been an eye-opener, and I realize now 
After living in a 2nd world country how lucky I have been! There are a lot of differences here. The definition of a second world country I have come to know is this: the shower water will be either really cold or super hot, there is no such thing as carpet, furniture is really scarce, the electricity randomly will shut off, and worst of all no buildings have air conditioning. Meetings here can be really long. Also it rains everyday a lot. The rain we had on the night of the temple celebration is the 6 o'clock rain here. You also can't forget about all the mosquitoes. Mom I'm going to tell you now, the first week I had 28 bites, just on my arms! Don't worry I don't get bit any more, haha. Some Little things that have happened here: the people, it's packed here we have 200 missionaries coming in every week now. Last week only 14 went out in to the field. It's crazy. The mail here is slow!  Mom I got your second Dear Elder yesterday. It made my day. I love the scripture you sent please send me more. Mom I really miss you thanks for watching out for me and always being a great mom.  I have grown closer to James Wirthlin's old companion who is one of my teachers. He said if I ever need my family to know I'm ok he would post a picture of me on Facebook and tag James in it so you can see me. Also I weigh about 200 lb. Haha! I miss all of you and hope everyone is well=) Love you, please be safe.

Editor's note: Eric weighed about 215 when he entered the mission field. 
For Christmas we gather with family often times in Montana or Canada. We have many traditions, including: gingerbread house contests, putting on a Christmas play written by my mother-in-law, and all the cousins re-enact Luke chapter 2, we give joke presents on Christmas Eve, and the little kids have a piñata. We eat spaghetti and steak on Christmas Eve. A strange food combination, but when the family was smaller there was no telling who outside of the family would be invited, thus more people more pasta was added. My in-laws used to invite random people who they met on the ski hill that had no other place to go. Over all the focus of Christmas is spending time together.



Buddy from AZ, who will be serving in the 

N. Nicaragua Mission Elder Daniel Baldwin

CCM Grounds

Doritos are my favorite snack! They are made different here.

Dining Area

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