Monday, August 25, 2014

Masaya Week 11

Hey everyone what is up? It's me your friendly neighborhood Elder ha-ha.

Well I got to start by saying what a long week. I miss you guys so much its crazy but I know Heavenly Father is watching out for you guys.

Well this week was really busy. Unfortunately 3 of our investigators that we were hoping to baptize were unable to because of complications.
The first person I want to talk about is Marcelo. I was going to baptize him, but unfortunately his mom said, “maybe” and then wouldn’t sign the baptism papers. Some back ground about Marcelo is that he is only 12 and his whole family is Catholic. So, I hope we can get his mom to come around soon.
The second two people are both older women. One is named Luecracia and the other is named Marysole. They were supposed to get baptized last week but they both have really bad problems with the Word of Wisdom ha-ha.

I gave a baby blessing this past week, which was super super cool.

I’m sad to say the members don’t get along here; the Patriarch for the church here won’t come to church because he hates the members. The ward mission leader is younger than me ha-ha.

Also I sent a pic of my companion Elder Palacios. He is a great missionary and a super cool cat ha-ha. The only sad thing is he is finishing his mission up this next week. So, I will get a new companion soon. More background on Palacios is that he is from Nicaragua and he has been a member for 6 years and his house is an hour bus ride away from us. He also knows the scriptures like the back of his hand. I’m really going to miss working with him.

The food here is awesome rice and beans its called GIOPENTO it’s really good, but I eat it everyday ha-ha.

I’m so excited to hear from everyone please sends me more letters.

I love it a lot, but I have to say the best thing here is the stars. The most I have ever seen in my life.

I miss you guys please be safe I pray for you everyday. LOVE YOU.

This week Eric sent a lot of pictures. He only labeled a few of them. 

Where we wash our clothes

Internet Cafe Where I email from

The AP's House. They have a garden.

                                                                        The Market

Investigators and Friends

My Companion Elder Palacios from Nicaragua

Monday, August 18, 2014

Masaya Week 10

Ok so this week was an awesome week. I first want to say I miss all of ya a lot.
The first thing that was awesome this week was I gave my first blessing to a boy who was sick. It was a very cool experience, but my companion used all my oil ha-ha. The little boys name is Jorge and we're really close.

The next exciting thing that I will report more about next week is my first baptism. I will be baptizing a boy named Marcelo. He is 12 and his family are not members, but he really likes the church and his friends are members. I talk a lot with him and I'm excited he will be my first baptism.

The other thing that’s crazy about Nicaragua is that the ward I serve in has 790 members, but only 100 show up. But 790!!!!! That crazy huge right? I need to work a lot harder now in getting people to come back to church.

Also everyone is confused about my companion. I have one companion. He is a zone leader. We live with the other zone leader and his companion. Throughout the day we only work with our companions. So, the only time we really see each other is in the morning and at night.

All and all I really love it here. The Spanish is the only thing I hate. Everyday I learn more and more but it’s really slow. The people say I'm progressing so it’s not like something you can chart. All the white missionaries say one day it just clicks and your fluent.  You just have to be really patient.

I love all you guys so much please are safe, ok? I pray for all you guys, all the time. LOVE YOU!!

Q) Are you happy?  A) Yes, always!

Sefie to Kuresa

Monday, August 11, 2014

Masaya Nicaragua Week 9

This week was another great week in the mission. It was cambia (English translation interchange) week, which means you have to sleep over with a different missionary from a different area. I was put with another American missionary named Elder Barlow he has been here for 10 months and told me he never studied or talked for the first five months and he still learned Spanish. That made me happy to hear.

The area we were in was called Idioma. It was awesome. Dad the town was almost the same as the little town, Havasupai in the Grand Canyon. We worked super hard and in one day I myself set 6 baptisms. It was awesome! We had the most that cambia. 

Two days later the Zone Leaders sent me back and I worked with one of the APs in Idioma. I love it there. I set 11 more baptism dates. It was awesome!  I set a new record for new missionaries. I really hope I get called to work in Idioma during my mission.

Also the people of Nicaragua are really funny. Some people come up to you and say, "Hey I want to be baptized can you help me?"  It’s awesome. 

Some other funny things that happened this week was that I found out why you don't just buy something anywhere. I bought a cookie on Saturday and right when I was about to eat it my companion grabbed me and said, "look." The cookie was full and I mean full of hair. Super, super sick looking hair.

Other than that not much more happened this week. I loved getting the Dear Elder Letters.  It really made my day.
It's weird to think that school is already starting. Someone told me that I already have almost 10% of my mission over. It's kind of sad.

Anyway, I love everyone!  Keep me posted on everything.

"Look what I bought for $3 American" 


Monday, August 4, 2014

Masaya Nicaragua Week 8

Well another week in the mission and this one was crazy! 

The story of the week happened Tuesday. Me and Elder Carter are with the Zone leaders. We felt we really needed to work in our area. So, on Tuesday, when they had to go and do interviews for baptisms, we went tracking. Crazy right? Two new white missionaries going tracking who only know little Spanish.  It was funny. We did really good though, and taught a lot of people. Crazy day for the new guys.

Also something sad, we had an investigator named Ana.  She was going to get baptized but she can't now because her family said no, so that really stinks.

Another family we started to teach this week was Alma and Donava. They are really nice people. It was really funny, I started teaching and then Donova said, "hey can I speak English and it’s hard to understand everything. Can you just teach me in English?" Lesson learned there is sometimes when it's the investigator that has the gift of tongues.

Also this week was my first fast Sunday here. I was walking after my fast was over but I still had not eaten. Then right when I sat down a mango fell right in front of me! . I took it as a message from God saying, "I’ve got you Elder Hironaka".

Other things that happened this week that were funny were that I ate something call chuchar fergo. It is the hottest pepper in the world!  My mouth felt like lava!

Also something cool here, is there are a lot of cool different birds and you can hold them.  It's awesome.

As a family we need to visit here its safe and awesome.

I haven't seen any bugs yet.

Everyone thinks I'm 26 or 27.

And you haven't lived until you have seen a family of 5 fit on a bike with the mom breast-feeding in the front!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
I love my mission! I still have not gotten mail yet which is sad and I can't send mail in my area but we can receive it. MOM I miss you a lot.  Tell everyone I pray everyday and that I miss them please be safe. 
PS: please send me some protein powder; thanks love you.
      Q: Do you need any thing that you can't buy there? A) Yes, protein powder
      Q: You said that your with a greeny and two zone leaders. Are you all in the    
           same area? A) Yes
      Q: How is the Spanish coming? A) It's coming
      Q: Is the heat bugging you? A) No
      Q: Who are you teaching? A) A lot of people
      Q: Any baptisms? A) 8