Monday, August 4, 2014

Masaya Nicaragua Week 8

Well another week in the mission and this one was crazy! 

The story of the week happened Tuesday. Me and Elder Carter are with the Zone leaders. We felt we really needed to work in our area. So, on Tuesday, when they had to go and do interviews for baptisms, we went tracking. Crazy right? Two new white missionaries going tracking who only know little Spanish.  It was funny. We did really good though, and taught a lot of people. Crazy day for the new guys.

Also something sad, we had an investigator named Ana.  She was going to get baptized but she can't now because her family said no, so that really stinks.

Another family we started to teach this week was Alma and Donava. They are really nice people. It was really funny, I started teaching and then Donova said, "hey can I speak English and it’s hard to understand everything. Can you just teach me in English?" Lesson learned there is sometimes when it's the investigator that has the gift of tongues.

Also this week was my first fast Sunday here. I was walking after my fast was over but I still had not eaten. Then right when I sat down a mango fell right in front of me! . I took it as a message from God saying, "I’ve got you Elder Hironaka".

Other things that happened this week that were funny were that I ate something call chuchar fergo. It is the hottest pepper in the world!  My mouth felt like lava!

Also something cool here, is there are a lot of cool different birds and you can hold them.  It's awesome.

As a family we need to visit here its safe and awesome.

I haven't seen any bugs yet.

Everyone thinks I'm 26 or 27.

And you haven't lived until you have seen a family of 5 fit on a bike with the mom breast-feeding in the front!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
I love my mission! I still have not gotten mail yet which is sad and I can't send mail in my area but we can receive it. MOM I miss you a lot.  Tell everyone I pray everyday and that I miss them please be safe. 
PS: please send me some protein powder; thanks love you.
      Q: Do you need any thing that you can't buy there? A) Yes, protein powder
      Q: You said that your with a greeny and two zone leaders. Are you all in the    
           same area? A) Yes
      Q: How is the Spanish coming? A) It's coming
      Q: Is the heat bugging you? A) No
      Q: Who are you teaching? A) A lot of people
      Q: Any baptisms? A) 8

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