Monday, August 18, 2014

Masaya Week 10

Ok so this week was an awesome week. I first want to say I miss all of ya a lot.
The first thing that was awesome this week was I gave my first blessing to a boy who was sick. It was a very cool experience, but my companion used all my oil ha-ha. The little boys name is Jorge and we're really close.

The next exciting thing that I will report more about next week is my first baptism. I will be baptizing a boy named Marcelo. He is 12 and his family are not members, but he really likes the church and his friends are members. I talk a lot with him and I'm excited he will be my first baptism.

The other thing that’s crazy about Nicaragua is that the ward I serve in has 790 members, but only 100 show up. But 790!!!!! That crazy huge right? I need to work a lot harder now in getting people to come back to church.

Also everyone is confused about my companion. I have one companion. He is a zone leader. We live with the other zone leader and his companion. Throughout the day we only work with our companions. So, the only time we really see each other is in the morning and at night.

All and all I really love it here. The Spanish is the only thing I hate. Everyday I learn more and more but it’s really slow. The people say I'm progressing so it’s not like something you can chart. All the white missionaries say one day it just clicks and your fluent.  You just have to be really patient.

I love all you guys so much please are safe, ok? I pray for all you guys, all the time. LOVE YOU!!

Q) Are you happy?  A) Yes, always!

Sefie to Kuresa

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