Monday, September 1, 2014

Masaya Week 12

Well first I want to tell you about my first baptisms in the mission field. It was a super awesome experience and one I will never forget. My first baptism was Tuesday. I got to baptize this little girl named Veronica. She is not an investigator but her dad wasn’t able to baptize her, so I did. It was a little scary in Spanish but I did it and it wasn’t bad.

My next baptism was Marcelo. He has wanted to get baptized for 5 months and has been ready. The only problem is that he is 12 and his mom is Catholic. Anyway, when we were walking to his house to talk to his Mom, I started praying in my mind. I just kept saying, “Please Heavenly father let Marcelo’s Mom say yes.” It was awesome the second we saw the mom she said yes! I was so happy and so was Marcelo. It was cool too because Marcelo wanted me to baptize him and no one else. So, I felt really cool. The next day I baptized him and I bought him a pizza to celebrate. Ha-ha it was really a great day.

Mom you asked about the culture here. Well its very different than America. The people have nothing here but at the same time always want to give. The kids here are my favorite and I really get along with them. They give me bracelets they make out or rubber bands like what Tyler made back home. I have like 8 of them ha-ha. Also funny thing here is that they like to drink things out of bags ha-ha. So if they have a soda they pour the soda in a sandwich bag and then drink it ha-ha. The people are really nice though and a person has never rejected me yet in my mission.


Q) Are you glad you were so involved with sports specifically football in your youth? 
A) Best thing for me and made me who I am.
Q) How are your feet?                          A) Great, I love my shoes.
Q) How often are transfers?                  A) Every 6 weeks
Q) Do you like your companion?            A) YES

Veronica and her family 

Marcelo and his family

Eric's Zone

The Church

Eric's House

The picture above and the following two pictures are where the Sisters live! 

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