Monday, September 8, 2014

Masaya Week 13

It’s your friendly neighborhood Elder ha-ha. Well I'm in the second part of my training which is awesome because time is going faster and I'm really starting to understand the work here as a missionary. Also I am helping by doing work with a Zone Leader as well, which is really hard and different because I have to talk a lot and explain things to others in Spanish.

Also this week elder Palasios returned home. My new companion was the District Leader his name is Elder Castro. He is a very hard worker and has a really different life from me. He became a member when he was 18, which was crazy. He is now currently 24 and has been a missionary for 14 months. He expects a lot from me in lessons, which I like. Its funny he wants to learn English so I’m helping him learn English which is funny because I had speech problems when I was younger and now I'm helping him ha-ha.

The sad thing about my work right now is that I only have 3 progressing investigators. I'm going to change that soon. Its funny here though, we have a list of people that had their baptisms but never got confirmed which I think is crazy because now we have to re-baptize them.

Elder Carter and I work together on Tuesday now because our companions have Zone Leaders meetings. This is really crazy because were both are so new but we really work hard and we get stuff done.

My Spanish is still bad but the people can totally understand me. I feel like the missionary in that movie who reads the Book of Mormon in Tongan and wakes up and is fluent. I read the Book of Mormon all the time in Spanish and I am currently in Helaman. I get better and better everyday. So the Spanish really comes from reading the Book of Mormon for me.

Ok the culture. So, here the people are super kind but the are also very open. For example if you are fat than they call you fat, if you’re skinny then they call you skinny ha-ha stuff like that. Also being 16 and having 2 kids is not a bad thing here. And its awesome the people really have nothing but they say they have their family and that’s all they need. 

I have also made a lot of friends here. The teachers and priests in our ward love me. Every Sunday they all sit by me ha-ha it’s funny.  Marcelo is also my best friend here. He always wants to talk and to chill on  P-days. He will never ever mean the same to me as Tyler but he reminds me of Tyler a lot. So when I hang with Marcelo it makes me sad because I think of how much I miss Tyler.

It's funny for food I bought Pb and J. In the morning I eat portage and for dinner I have Pb and j sandwiches ha-ha.

Also I have lost weight. Not bad weight but I got to say my 6 pack is coming in just fine. I think after my mission I'll make a workout program for people to lose weight. It will say workout hard in the morning only eat rice and beans for lunch and walk 6 miles a day ha-ha. 

Lastly I wanted to share a funny story with you, ok so Elder Palacios his last day wanted to say good-bye to all his families so we did but the only problem was every family had dinner for us. Here if you don't eat what people give you its super rude because the people have nothing? Anyway we had 4 dinners and I had to eat 3 of Elder Palacios plates ha-ha. So in total I ate for a family of 7 ha-ha. After we had to walk for 3 miles home, so, yes I threw up on the way home ha-ha it was funny and my companion got a real kick out of it ha-ha. And now looking back on it was pretty funny. 
Love Ya Lots! Your Elder

Q) Last week you sent some gross pictures of a shack, bathroom, and toilet. You said, "The sister lives here" who lives there? The sister missionaries or a sister from the ward? A) The sisters live there.
Q) I heard that in the Nicaragua mission you only get to perform baptisms only once.  What does that mean? A) You only get to enter the waters of baptism once. I got to do it twice last week because the Marcello really wanted me too.

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