Monday, September 29, 2014

Masaya Week 16

HEY Mom its your friendly neighborhood Elder! I want to say I’m doing great and this work has me really busy, haha. This week was really slow however. We worked with the other missionaries this week because one area has 27 baptisms and they needed a lot help getting them to church. So, all in all this week was really long.
Well as always want to start with my investigators. First, I have to say I want to serve in the Young Men’s program when I get home like my Dad, because I have a connection with boys 12 to 17 years of age. This week I met another boy named Steven. He is super cool and he loves that I know so much about Mind Craft. Haha. That game is popular in a 3rd world country also, haha. We joke around a lot and he came to church with me yesterday. Marcelo also said he would show him around at church so it was cool because after Steven said he loved it and wanted to go to mutual and come to church next week. So, I can’t wait to see what happens with Steven.  
 Also I don’t know if you remember about an investigator named Marisol, but Marisol is a new member of the church and her and her family have really grown, I think it’s because I’m goofy that I can get the kids to listen. The sad thing with her and her family is that her x-husband threw her out this week. She is now living with her dad and it’s really sad. The thing that really sucks is that she is not in my area anymore and we can’t see her or her family anymore.

About the food... Ok when people told me we would eat a lot of rice and beans it was an understatement. I have beans and rice everyday. But they cook the rice and beans different. They called it GUYOPENTO and Mom I want you guys to make it for family night, haha. Also I love the bananas. They fry the bananas, grill bananas, smoke bananas, and anyway you can cook something you can also cook a bananas that way. Also tell me if this is awesome, I might get to eat turtle, haha. I am really excited. Everyone loves it here. Also I love this one drink called Cocow its like a version of chocolate milk.

The people here are funny like I said before they are very accepting. Anyways, we have some investigators that are gay! There are so many gay men here it’s scary because they look totally strait but when you start to teach them about the law of chastity it just comes out!  Weird right!?

Also what’s funny here is that there are a lot of car crashes. And Mom don’t worry I’m fine. But one day we were walking and we saw a car crash. Unlike in America the people just backed up didn’t yell or scream and went on there way like nothing happened. I was shocked. I told my companion if that happened In America a lot more stuff would have happened!  

Anyways that’s it for this week. I  want to say I love you and please be safe ok.
Love, Elder Hironaka

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