Monday, October 6, 2014

Masaya Week 17

Q) What is a typical P- day like? A) I read a lot and study
Q) Did you get to watch conference? A) Only Priesthood
Q) How do you get clean water? A) I don't haha

Well first I'm going to start out and tell you I miss you again a lot haha. I'm not going to lie I'm a big mamma's boy and I'm proud of it haha. It looks and sounds like everyone is doing great. That makes me really happy!

Anyway as always I'm going to start with my investigators this week. The boy I talked about last week Steven has grown really close to me this week. I met his mom and I'm not going to lie it's sad. His mom is really really sick and almost died a little bit ago. It brought tears to my eyes because I know he just wants to be with his mom forever. He came to conference also this week and really loved it. I really hope he felt the sprit strong during it. I am not going to be able to see him baptized because I finish my training after this next week.

My other family that we're teaching is Julio and Vanessa. They are a really cute family that has a son and a brand new baby girl. We started teaching about the Plan of Salvation and gave them a pamphlet to read about it. The father read all night and the next visit he had a ton of awesome questions. I have to say something awesome about the mission is when you get to see something like this with a family. It also made me super happy and also brought tears to my eyes (I’m a very emotional person I guess haha) because It made me think how lucky I am to have a great family who loves me and that we can be together forever.

The next investigator that I have grown close to Is a man named Ewin. He is like the stereotypical hobo in America but really he has money for a person living here. He is super cool but he unfortunately has a lot of problems. He has 27 kids, has had 5 wives, and has a huge problem with drinking. But it's cool because our first visit with him we told him drinking was a sin and he stopped. He is now progressing just fine and he is really feeling different he says. He really puts meaning to don't judge a book by its cover.

A different experience this week was when we got a call from the sisters because they needed our help. When we got to their church we found that there were 40 people in the church waiting for a baptism but there was no power. So we had to wait for the water to slowly fill the font. When the water was about knee deep the bishop said that we could baptize. The woman getting baptized was old and she was a little scared. The sad thing was that the guy baptizing her had to dunk her 3 times because he couldn't get her all the way under haha.

Also so this week was conference. So we had a zone meeting to discuss the rules. In order to watch we had to have 4 investigators in each session and they couldn't be the same session. Our zone was really ticked at the zone leaders and I'm not going to lie so was I. So the first day we only had 2 so we couldn't watch. But the sad thing was that half of our zone lied and said they had 4 and the zone leaders found out and now everyone hates the zone leaders. So that’s a little problem in our zone right now. But It doesn't involve me so don't worry.

Anyways I got to watch the priesthood session in English. I was so happy, I loved it and I really learned a lot. My favorite was Quinton L. Cook. Maybe Dad can do a family night on it because it was really good and important.

Well my Spanish is really coming a long now. This week was week 11 in my training. Week 11 is a big week for English speaking missionaries because this is the week where the trainer cannot speak in the lessons. I was a little worried at first but the Holy Ghost really helped me and I taught all the lessons this week. Pretty good eh.

OK also something funny about Nicaragua is there are so many religions here. I have taught Test Jehovah witness and a ton of Catholic people. The Test Jehovah witnesses are so weird. Somethings they believe are so funny and crazy.

Also something super funny but super bad is teaching a language. Ok so the English-speaking missionaries are suppose to teach the Latinos English. Well because I needed so much help when I was younger I have gotten pretty good at teaching and even have been told to help other missionaries. Anyway to be funny I taught my companion to use the word eh a lot haha. He always says eh at the end of everything haha. The next thing I might teach him to use is y'all, haha, like the people in Texas.

Anyways mom I want to tell you I love you. This mission is hard but I was given a mother like the stripling warriors. Mom you taught me correct principles and I know because of you I can be successful. I love you all, please be safe.

See ya, later 

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