Monday, October 13, 2014

Masaya Week 18

Well it’s your friendly neighborhood Elder again. I’m reporting on my last week of training! This week was more laid back, but had some fun parts too. Mom It sounds like you are doing great and I really miss you. Please be safe and know that I’m doing fine and I’m happy.
I’m going to talk about my investigators again because this week was a really eventful week for them and me.
First I’m going to talk about my investigator Ewin. I think I reported about him a little bit last week. He is the one that has 5 wives and 27 kids and has a huge problem with the word of wisdom. Anyway, we went to visit him this week and he wanted to show me something. So we went into his back room and he had drawn a huge picture of Jesus praying in Gethsemane. It was super cool. I thought it was interesting that out of all the pictures we gave him, he chose that one to draw. It was super awesome and I’m going to send a picture of it next week. He is really progressing and has stopped drinking coffee. Beer on the other hand, has been a little bit harder to give up though. But we will see.
The other Family that we have been teaching is José and Maria. They have been a great family and we have been working hard with them to get ready for baptism. We had their wedding this week for them. It was really great, but I’ve got to say a wedding in Nicaragua is like a golf tournament. Everyone is really quite and when they were announced married everyone softly clapped. Me on the other hand was hooting and wailing. Hey, that’s what we do, Right?
Another big thing that happened this week was that we helped with another baptism. I have to say my Spanish is to the point were I do understand a lot and people can understand me, but I just have no accent. So, I sound like a white person. Anyway, I had to give the baptism message to the family. It was a little sketchy but I said a little prayer before and the message I think went really well.
Something else this week kind of big is that we have changes tomorrow. I’m a little shaky but I know it’s going to be ok. I hope that during this next change I will become fluent in this Spanish. But we´ll sees how it all goes.
My companion right now is funny because he tries to speak English and he's really hard to understand at times. I hope that is not what people think of me now, haha. The thing that makes me feel really good is when someone tells me, “wow your Spanish is a lot better now.” 
OK another funny thing for this week was teaching the language. So, remember last week I said a lot of English speaking missionaries teach bad words to their companions? Well get this, we were in a planning meeting and some Latinos were showing off how much English they knew. We were getting ready to pray when all of the sudden one missionary called another missionary a loser and it was funny. But then, the other missionary yelled back at him and called him a bastard. I was dyeing and after the meeting we had to tell him that what he said was very bad and to never say it while on a mission.
A great week all in all! Tell everyone I love them.

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