Monday, October 27, 2014

San Miguel Week 20

OK wow sounds like you guys really had a week this last week. I want you guys to know that you are in my prayers and I'm going to work really hard this week. Tyler know I love you and you’re going to be ok. Mom please keep me updated through all this.

Well, for other things this week for me I'm going to always remember this week as the week of crazy food. But first I'm going to talk about my investigators a little.

The first family is the Ambowas. They are a family of 7 and their oldest is 10. I love teaching them but it's a little hard at times because the kids are always screaming. We already baptized the two little girls but the mom and the dad are a different story. But I love them just the same.

The next family is the family of a recent convert named Domingo. He has a family of around 16 people, crazy right. Anyway we visited them and it went really well. I think if we keep up the meetings with them and really work hard they will be a family that continues forward strong.

Ok so my companion is like an old lawn mower. You have to pull that string a couple of times to get him going but once he gets going he is moving. He is an outstanding teacher and I am learning a lot from him. We are also very close and are able to talk about stuff like friends do.

Also I wanted to talk about my house a little. Well its super super hot and has a really low ceiling. I really like the lay out and it’s close to everything so that nice. This next Monday I'm going to make a video of it.

Exercise. Well, I need to work out a little harder because I'm eating way more in my new area. But I can almost do 40 pull-ups so that pretty good I think. But I'm going to have to work hard if I want a body like my little brother, 6 pack and all.

Well, like I said this was a week for food. For starters, I had my first coconut here which was awesome I love them. The other thing I got this week was a drink, which I'm going to call snot in a cup because that's what it tasted like and felt like haha.

But the big story for food this week was at lunch one day our lunch lady asked me if there was anything I didn't like in Nicaragua. I said No and that I wanted to try everything. Well the next day I got what I asked for. She had made soup for us and to my surprise when I put my spoon in up came a huge crab body and all from the broth. Also there were whole fish fins and eyes. And the best part was the guts were still in the crab and the fish. But I said I wanted to try everything so I did. I ate the whole thing. Yes, I'm ready for survivor! haha.

Anyway that was my story for this week. I hope all is well. Know everyone is in my prayers. I love you please be safe.

Q) Is San Carlos the correct spelling of your new area?  A) Sorry it's San Miguel
Q) Is it really 5 blocks away from your last area? Q) yep
Q) I'm almost ready to send your holiday package. Any last requests? A) yes but maybe smaller shirts 

Yummy! Crab Soup!

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