Monday, October 20, 2014

San Miguel Week 19

This week was crazy! Everyday had something new. I hate changes for a lot of reasons and I think the main reason is the packing up and moving. But anyway, I’m going to start from the beginning of the week.

Ok so after I wrote you last week we went home and I was writing in my journal when all of the sudden my head started to hurt. Then I looked up and everything was moving. My companion quickly went under the desks. I was super confused and then I realized it was a huge earthquake. It was crazy. Don’t worry I’m fine and so is every missionary, but the city had some problems. Luckily no one died, I think but it was the craziest day this week.

The day after was very awesome day for me because José and Maria were baptized. They have been a big project in my last area and I was super happy they chose to be baptized before the changes so that I could see them get baptized. After they hugged me and told me thank you for everything. It really made me super happy to see a family that now can be together forever.

Well the day of changes was a little lame for me. I packed up and went all the way to the change meeting only to find that my new area was just another place in our zone. My new area is 5 blocks away from my last haha. But I have to say that I like my new area way better. It’s huge! It used to be for 8 missionaries but now it’s just my companion and me. The people here are super nice and the other thing is that the ward is super awesome and everyone wants to help the missionaries.

We also had 4 other people that get baptized this week. I became friends with them really quick. We baptized José Lester and two little girls named Naomi and

Jade. The bishop was super cool and before the baptisms the ward had a barbeque for them to welcome them into the ward. At the barbeque we ate lamb. It was super good but the funny thing is that they cook the whole thing and the bishop got to eat the head, haha. Super gross but it made me laugh because I thought of bishop Oliver eating a lamb head, haha.

Well my new companion is super cool and we joke around a ton. The greatest thing is that he is really helping me with Spanish and I’m learning so much with him. His birthday was this week and I bought him a soccer ball cause he loves soccer. We became friends super fast. Also for his birthday it was funny every member who knew it was his birthday through eggs at him. The other thing that I like about him is that he reminds me of Dallin so it has been easy to talk to him.

So, that was really my week this week. Crazy! Right?

Another thing that makes this an awesome area is that before me there was a different Elder here from Arizona that everyone loved. So when the people know I’m from Arizona and realize that I know the Baldwin family, because he is a Baldwin, they freak out and want to talk to me, haha. I LOVE IT.


Q) Where is your new area? A) San Carlos
Q) Who is your companion? A) Elder Valasciz
Q)  What do you do on P-days? A) Chill, really and shop and eat 
Q) Do you need peanut butter? A)Yes, in my new area I can't buy anything. 
Q) Pictures? A) This cyber can't send pics. I'm so sorry I'm going to find a cyber that can next week 
Q) Are you eating ok? A)  Don't worry I have a big lunch and a big dinner every night in my new area haha.

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