Monday, November 3, 2014

San Miguel Week 21

Ok so another week in the mission haha. Nothing really new but I still miss my family a lot please be safe guys. I really hope Tyler is doing well. I want you all to know I miss you and think of you guys everyday.

Well going to start this email off by talking about a family I'm teaching. Family Gambowa. They are a great family that is a family of 7 and the kids are all under the age of 11. Anyway the story for them is that they're my new workout because I lifted the little boy up in the air and after that they all wanted to be thrown in the air. So If I miss my workout in the morning its ok because I know I will break a sweat with them. But they are great and I can’t wait until they are all baptized.

Other investigator I have right now is Isabelle. The thing about her is one day we were working this week and she ran up to me and said I have heard about your church can I be baptize? I was like, "wow that was a easy contact" haha. Anyway we taught her and she has a baptism date for this month.

Ok so the other thing I wanted to talk about is the families in this ward. They are super cool and they always want to help the missionaries in lessons. Its funny some people here are like the Spanish version of people in gilbert 4th ward. This ward has someone very similar to Brother Poulson and Brother Greer. And the best person ever in this ward is a guy that is like IKE ISAACSON!!!!! I died when I meet him haha.

I did my first service project this week. We helped members move their firewood to another part of their yard. It was great, but holy crap I saw the bird eating a spider! It was huge and super fast. Its butt was was the size of a computer mouse. And the scary thing is that the members said that was a baby!!!! So little scare haha.

Well another big thing for this week is that I can now teach lessons by my self now and get my point across. This is really good progress because it's good to know that I don't need my companion to carry the lesson anymore.

Other story I wanted to share is that I found out why some Elders are scared of dogs here. My new area has attack dogs everywhere! I went to visit a new investigator and was chased away by dogs haha. For me it was a little exciting and funny, but my companion was super timid after haha.

I really love you and miss you. I really need you to be safe and everyone else to be safe too. 

        1) Please describe your house, bathroom ECT. A) Small house
        2) Do you have a refrigerator?  A) Yes
        3) What is you companion like? A) Yes
        4) Did you get the package yet? A) No
5) Do you use your umbrella?  A) Yes
        6) Do you have a cell phone?  A) Yes, The phone is really bad haha its    
            super hard to listen to haha.
9) How are you? A) Great but I miss you guys
10) Is the mission what you thought it would be? A) Yes and No

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