Monday, November 24, 2014

San Miguel Week 24

This is your friendly neighborhood Elder Hiro, haha. The people can’t say my name so everyone calls me Elder HIRO.  I’ve got to say that this week went by  super fast, which is a good, but I really miss my loving family.
The first thing I want to say is that the people here don’t have Thanksgiving so I am missing out on one of my favorite times of the year, haha. I remember the year we did the turkey trot. That was fun but I remember thinking that the race was pointless because all the weight I was losing during the run was just going to be gained back when I ate that night haha. 
It’s awesome that Tyler has the chance to try out for the basketball team!! I got to say though Tyler you need to wait until the doctor says your ready because there’s always next year, but if you brake your leg there’s even a longer wait to play again. So be smart man. Also have Tyler tell old coach Siegh that I say Hi. We were pretty tight and he was someone that always helped me.
The work here in Nicaragua is good. Unfortunately this week the family we talked to last week that was progressing really well had an accident. The mom got very sick and went to the hospital. I hope she is going to be ok. Were going to see them next week.
Another thing that happened this week, which was super cool, was with an investigator named Melva. She is what we call an eternal investigator she has been taught for over a year. Her husband won’t marry her. I didn’t understand they have 2 kids and have lived together for 11 years. I wonder, “Why aren’t you married?” Anyway, she was on my mind all week and I have prayed hard for her. This last Friday was  awesome. We started teaching her husband and he turned to her and said, “I think we need to get married Hun.” A long story short we will have their marriage this Wednesday. Yeah! After the lesson I fist pumped the air a bunch haha!
Also this week we had inter cambios. It’s when everyone has changes for one day. And guess where I got sent? My old area! It was awesome seeing everyone again. Everyone has progressed so much. Marcelo has the priesthood and he even saved money to buy a suit. I was proud of him. I got to be the zone leader for the day. It was sweet taking numbers and talking to the other missionaries and asking them about their day. I loved it.
Spanish is great I can now function really good and people say my Spanish is good but that I’m white and don’t talk like a Latino. This is bad, but a part of me says good haha. Pero estoy aprendiendo cada dia. (I’m learning everyday).
We have changes this week and everyone thinks I’m going to start training a new missionary. I’m not going to lie I would love that. I would be a good trainer but a cool one at the same time. Right now in the mission we are having a little problem because the new missionaries don’t like their trainers.
Ok I’m going to talk about something that is a joke in America but here its normal. So, we have a working with a family that has 5 kids and they’re a hand full, but I love them because for me a busy family is the best. THE REASON WHY I THINK THIS, IS BECAUSE I HAVE A BUSY FAMILY. Anyway we were teaching when all the sudden the little boy runs up to his mom and ask her for milk. I thought she was going to get up and go get him some but no. She puts his head under her shirt. After the lesson I asked how old her kids were. Her youngest is 4 years old!!!! In my mind I was like 4 years old freak this country has problems. But it’s a story haha.
I really miss you guys and I hope all is well. I’m praying for you everyday and hope you are doing great. I can’t wait to talk to you guys next week. Please be safe love you!!! 
Q) Do you have milk there? Yes but it is different
Q) Do you ever see any police there? Nope
Q) What is the legal system like? Terrible Haha
Q) Are there harsh punishments for crimes? I hope so
Q) Do you wish you had a jacket? Nope
Q) There are a few moms getting ready their missionaries to serve in Nicaragua and I wanted to help them with their packing list. Other than a backpack do you wish that you brought anything else with you that we forgot? No
Q) Did you bring too much of anything? Only the over the counter meds.
Q) Meds? We packed a lot do even use them? Nope
Q) Bed bug mattress pad do you use it? Or still even have it? Nope they have them here
Q) Do you like your pillow? Best thing ever, No lie
Q) Use your mosquito net? Nope

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