Monday, December 8, 2014

Bello Amanecer Week 26

It’s your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka. This week was a great week for me. I had a baptism that I worked super hard for. I’m also going to say mom how happy I am to talk. I really miss ya.
This week was Leonardo’s baptism. Leonardo is a 12-year-old kid who is really cool. I have really connected fast with him and it was super cool to get him baptized. I have to say though baptisms in my new area a not frequent and it’s hard. It’s fun but stressful because I have to fight for every baptism. With him I had to take him out to a different church [building] for his interview and I had to carry him to the church for the baptism. I’ve got to say taking him out to the other church was funny I walked in and everyone looked at me haha. But I told him we needed to leave and he said ok so it’s not as bad as it sounds. It just looked bad haha. [I am not sure what he means?]
The other person I want to talk about is Snydalin. She is 14 and she has wanted to be baptized for years but her dad said no. Anyway my plan for the past two weeks has been to only become friends with the dad. He is funny, but he is cool anyway. He loves WWE and knows a lot of fighters. When I told him I knew who Superfly Snuka was he just about died, haha. Also thanks to video games I know the names of a lot of WWE fighters as well. Anyway he calls me his brother, which I think is weird but whatever. He gave me permission to baptize his daughter this week!!!! Cool right?
Also this week the ZL wanted to work with us. My zone leader right now was one of my trainers and he told me that he was shocked on how much I changed since my training. He said he was super happy and impressed which made my day.
My companion is good but he isn’t big into talking and is really shy. He’s nice though and is going to work hard. 
MOM I’m sorry this email was short but I have to go. I love you and next week you can expect a way longer email. I love you MOM please be safe!!!
1) Have your figured out the Skype or phone call thing for Christmas yet? Please tell me the details. A) No
2) Was the summer sausage any good? Remember it has to be refrigerated once opened? A) I’m going to find out tonight
3) Please spell the correct spelling of the town you are now in. I have looked the map of Managua and cannot find the town you mentioned?  You said it was called Bello Manacell? A) Bello Amanecer
4) You mentioned last week that you now are serving in one of the most dangerous areas in the mission. But you also said that about your last area, San Miguel. Which is worse? Please explain. A) This one is the worst by far
5) Have you missed P-days because of not making your quota?  A) No I always make the quota
6) Is that why you are rushed and have little time to email on P-days? A) No I only have one hour to write
7) What is your ward like? A) Awesome
8) What your favorite thing about your mission?  A) Feeling the hand of God
9) Do you give a lot of talks in church or teach classes? A) Yes
10) Have you been able to use your piano skills? A) No
11) Do you like being the senior companion? Or Are you co-companions? A) I’m senior I am training basically

This is what I sent Eric for Christmas, which means he has opened his Christmas box early! 

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