Monday, December 1, 2014

San Miguel Week 25

Wow, ok first I want to say that I’m happy everyone is safe and doing good. Tell Tyler it’s not the end of the world next year he will shine. Anyway, I had the CHANGE!! 

OK this week has been crazy because like I told you last week this week was changes. My last companion thought for sure that he was going to be changed because he had 6 months in the area. He was all packed ready to go when we received the call and the district leader said I had the change. Super weird to have a change after only serving one change in an that area. Right? Anyway, I had the change and now I’m in Managua. 

Well like I said last week I thought I might be training. Well I’m not training really because my companion has been out one less change than me but his trainer was very lazy and didn’t teach him anything. So, I’m here to reteach him everything. He is really weird haha, but then again I’m weird too. Anyway the only thing is he does not like is to contact and it’s super weird for me because I love contacting. For me it’s a little hard to understand because he is from Guatemala so he doesn’t have a problem with the language. So when he doesn’t speak I’m like, “come on man”, haha. But were friends so it’s cool.

I’m in the capital now so my mission is not jungle any more. This is a little sad for me because I liked the jungle. Everything here is expensive and the people here aren’t as nice. Don’t worry I’m fine but this is the most dangerous area in the mission. At night I can’t work in one part of my area. But don’t worry because no one has ever had problems.

My house is huge and has lot things other houses in the mission don’t have. We have a couch, table, a stove and other stuff, which is cool. 

Thanksgiving this week was one I’m never going to forget. My big meal was water and a chicken sandwich from McDonalds, haha. I loved it though.

I’m going to write more next week when I’m more settled in. I want to say I’m happy!  I love working and the days are now going super fast. I’m so grateful for my mom and my wonderful family and friends. Please be safe and know you’re in my prayers always

1) Are you training? Kind of
2) What are your living conditions? Awesome
3) What did you like the most in your package? Cheese Whiz, haha, 
     No letters and pics
4) Are you happy? Super
5) When are you told that you will be transferred? The night before.
6) Do you like your new area? I love it
7) Did you get both packages? Yes, I got them. I love the games

This picture was sent from Eric's mission President's wife, Sister Russell. What a great Thanksgiving gift to me. She said that they gave out a lot of packages but only took two pictures of missionaries receiving theirs. She must of known I needed a picture! 

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