Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 81 Christmas Call

Well it's the family!!!!!!!! Well I like to first start by saying how much I love all of you and what fun experience it was talking to all of you. I love my family so much and I'm happy to have a wonderful loving Father In Heaven who gave me this great blessing to be a part of a great family.

Holy cow it was just crazy this week!!! So for starters we had the multi- zones this week. Not going to lie I almost crapped my paints talking in front of a ton of people, haha, however as I went on it got easier and easier. 

So for the Christmas multi-zone we do a lot. To paint a picture we first started the day off by having a great message and by listening to an out-standing music number (yes, We helped pick some of the people).  A great part of the program that sister Russell did was about the baptisms of the mission. She had made a side show of a lot of baptisms that we have had as a mission this last year.

After the presentation we had games for the missionaries to play. We had set up dodge ball, ultimate frisbee, broom hockey, and volleyball!!! The Elders and Sisters loved it and it was a lot of fun.

When we were finished with the games, we then had a white elephant exchange. I was lucky to receive a baseball hat that said in big letters, “I LOVE JESUS” haha, it was really funny. I gave out a little glass painted sea turtle that said Nicaragua! 

Another great thing our mission President’s wife Sister Russell did was to make a power point of all of our families. I loved seeing the pictures you guys sent. It was a great picture that I felt very happy to see.

President Russell got the mission a couple very nice gifts like pins with our names on them, a temple recommend case, peanut butter and jelly, and microwaves for all the houses in the mission!!!

A part from talking to you guys on Christmas. I also was given the opportunity to meet the Diaz family. It's no wonder that Elder Diaz is a great Missionary. He was given great parents that have raised him very well in the ways of the Lord. It was an honor to get to know them a little and to be able to thank them and wish them a merry Christmas. 

I hope everyone is having a great break from school and work. I hope all of you guys will be safe and have a fun time. 

Also like to report that we were able to have a baptism this week as well named Osmar!!! He is a dope little dude. Hope you like the pics!!  

I love you all and I hope you guys are all doing great and having a fun time!!! Love you guys!!!! Please be safe!!!!

Your Elder,

Elder Hironaka

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 80 Christmas is Coming

Well it's your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka, I will tell you I thought I was busy planning a lot of things before... How wrong was I. This week was a lot different. It was weird not having P-day Monday. I didn't like not having one very much. 

So this week we have been planning like crazy for this up coming week. This up coming week we are having the Christmas multi-zone. It is the biggest multi- zone of the year. We have had to plan games make agendas and go and buy everything!!! I really didn't understand how much planning went into zone meeting before. I spent all day Monday behind a computer making list and making plans for this thing!!!! It was a lot of fun!!! 

With this new calling I have a lot of responsibility. Like for an example we are in charge off teaching the new missionaries and the old missionaries on training. This week we had a lot of that. It was fun teaching the new Elders and Sisters to teach and have success while teaching.  It's weird to think that I was at one time in the shoes of the new people!!! Really it feels like yesterday the time is passing very very very fast. It's crazy!!! 

Also, something that is just awesome is that my sons are having success!!! Elder Jovel my fist son (first guy I trained) had 5 baptisms and baptized the most in his zone by a long ways! Elder Redd as well is going to baptize a family this next week and they are looking pretty sharp. Elder Castillo is fighting to have baptism as well. He is a great leader and all the people love him very much. It awesome to see the people you train do well it gives you a little feeling of joy!

Driving this week was fun. It's super fun and really it's pretty safe. Yes, The car we drive is the biggest on the road but for America it's tiny. It's different to be able to go to a lot of random places in the mission to do things for president. When it comes working in the area we are not the best because we just don't have time. However the fun part is when there is someone that is hard or has a lot of big questions we get called in to help the investigator!! It’s fun because I’m really able to feel the spirit in these moments.

This next week we are going to have baptism!!!!!!!! His name is Omar. He is just a little guy who is waiting to be baptized. He's super funny as well, he wants his Mom to become a member as well, so what he does when she asks him to buy her Coffee he buys her hot chocolate, haha. He's a good kid. 

My new house is awesome. Yes it’s the same house that had the garden, haha, but now I’m sleeping in a different room than I did the first night I came to the mission!!

Getting ready for x-mas!!! This week has been mostly crazy because we have been running around just about everywhere getting ready for a Christmas mission multi-zone. It has been crazy but a lot fun. We have planned some fun games that I can't reveal right at this moment but I can say they are going to be a blast!!!  

Anyways I love you all have A fun Christmas!!!!!

LOVE, Elder Hironaka

Pls. I would love more protein!!!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

What a Week! A move to the office

Let's just say that during the last change meeting there were a lot of changes. Long story short I’m now an assistant to the President, my new day to write home will be Sunday, so tell everyone (Mom) to start writing me early. Please.
This week has been a roller coaster. My first day I helped my companion, who is non other than the other dude from AZ,  a past companion who is now a great friend and who is awesome, Elder Kliener, teach the new trainer class. After that we raced all over the new area in our silver Elder mobile (Toyota Hilux truck). Yes, I have now driven in a 3rd world country and it’s like an awesome race car game. No, rules what so ever. I was kind of rusty at first but I got the hang of it!!
As the food goes... I'm eating like an American now. Yes, I haven't had rice and beans since Wednesday. My stomach doesn't feel to great however because getting back to eating like an American is kind of hard to tell you the truth.
Something else that I found out about this calling is that when it's dark outside it doesn't mean your day is almost over. For us it just means the sun is down. It does not apply whatsoever to going to sleep any time soon. My first day I went to bed at 1 in the morning and got up at 3 in the morning... I don't know how long I can go before I have body system failure, but I feel I might feel this way during the next up coming weeks. And if I come home with some white hairs just know that I learned a lot.
Being the AP means a lot of running around. We almost always have some big thing we are planning or are running around getting stuff for the mission. This week we organized a group of missionaries to sing for all the stake presidents in the mission and President Russell. We also had to take a Stake President home to a city called Granada.  By the way it was my first time to Granada and it was awesome. It was so beautiful, it's modeled to be like Spain so it's very different.
So, a part from a crazy week, I want to talk a little a bout leaving C. Sandino (last area). Like how I was when I left Las Palmas and Bello Amanecer I was super super sad. I'm very honored to have had the opportunity to serve there and to help the children of our loving Father In Heaven come unto Him. I will look forward to visiting when I can. 
Seeing the mission from this point of view is very different. Before when I was the zone leader I only really cared about my zone. Now I see the mission as a whole and look for all people who I help. 
So, I want end by saying I love you guys very much and that I'm really thankful to have a great family and the opportunity to serve a mission. I love you! Please email me before Sunday. 
Elder Kliener trained Eric as a zone leader and we met him via Skype last Mothers Day. No, the kids did not know each other prior to the mission and they were only together for one change but Eric spoke very highly of him. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 78 Ciudad Sandino

Merry Christmas!!!!!! It’s your jolly ole Elder Hironaka!!!!!!!

This week has been great! Everyone here is really into Christmas cheer!!!

So, this week was the ZL meeting! It was great and I learned a lot. We talked about being bold! I know if we are not scared and choose to open our mouths to teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ we will be heard and if we are bold the sprit will be that much stronger!!!

We also are now showing the video Ha Nacido Un Salvador. This message is the church’s message for this year. It would be cool Mom if you shared this video!!!!

I also would like to share that we were able to baptize Steve!!! 

Don’t worry about me this year as far as food goes, because I’m mot lying when I say that there are like 20 families that want us to come for dinner on Christmas! I’m going to have workout hard to lose all the weight I’m going to gain, haha!

Love, Elder Hironaka

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 77 Ciudad Sandino

Hey Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! I would like to say that I’m very thankful for all of your love. I have really enjoyed being a part of this great family.

So, like always it’s your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka is just having some fun and working hard.

My Week:
For starters my companion Elder Elison and I had a fun run in with a 70. Unfortunately we didn’t recognize him. We said hi and in a very nice way and asked him what is name was. He just laughed and told us his name and we both thought, what a stupid thing for us to ask. But hey it’s hard sometimes to remember them.

Most of my week was full of running around with my head chopped off trying to make sure everyone got baptized in the Zone. It was a long week.  My companions and I have been helping a family to feel welcome in the ward. Steve is a young man in this family. We are teaching him, his mom, cousins, sister, and grandfather. They are all planning to be baptized next month so we are really crossing our fingers that they will all make it!!!! As for the two love bugs (my convert and investigator) they are now going strong. She also has asked if he could baptize her, which is pretty cool too. Also we set the record for our area in baptisms for this month 9!!!!

In Nicaragua we don’t really have Thanksgiving, but we had a little pizza party so that was fun.

I also would like to say that I’m very grateful for all the love from my family. I miss you guys so much but I know we can be together forever and that through the plan of Our Father In Heaven we can come to know the things, which he has planned for us. I’m thankful to be a missionary and to help others to come to know the joy I know! 
I love you all! Be safe!!!