Monday, January 26, 2015

Bello Amancer Week 33

Well this week was a week!  It was my birthday last week. Weird, but it was cool and a crazy day. I want to start by saying I miss everyone and hope everyone is going great. Anyway, for this week I had a lot experiences. So, first for my birthday I was woken up to an egg to my face haha. It’s the tradition here to get egged on your birthday. During the day we went to a new part of our area called, “hobo land,” because everyone that lives there are like hobos and their house are bags. The people were cool but I got attacked by a dog. It ripped my pants but don’t worry I didn’t get bitten!  For dinner we ate pizza with a family that we’re really close with and I got egged again. Also something cool is that Bryan bought me an awesome shirt but its tiny, haha. And then yes, he egged me again. I went through 3 shirts in one day and two ties!!!

Well anyway this week was great for work. We baptized Bryan’s sister this week. Also two new Elders needed my help getting two investigators baptized. This new companionship had a little boy named Martin. He was really scared and didn’t want to go to get baptized. One of the Elders made him mad and he told him he wasn’t going to get baptized because he made him mad. It was funny and maybe this was really bad but he was crying so, we gave him a chocolate and he stopped crying. He still wasn’t feeling like getting baptized so, I told him a story. I felt the story of Nephi was perfect to tell him because he is the youngest and the rest of his family is not baptized. I told him how Nephi was a great leader and was the youngest and like Nephi he had the opportunity right now to be baptized and follow the example of Christ and be an example to the rest of his family. He was happy and he was baptized that day. It was a cool experience.

Anyway, love you guys, love you mom be safe=) praying for all you guys everyday!!!

1) Package? Nope
2) How is Fidel? Has he stopped smoking? In progress
3) Anymore weird food? I ate turtle eggs today
4) Have you been sick? Nope
5) Do you want me to send you a special kind of straw that somehow purifies the water? 
     I have one

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