Monday, February 16, 2015

Bello Amancer Week 36

Well It's your Elder. I want to say this week was a long week with a lot of stuff. I am going to start by saying this next week is changes. And this week I had a ton of work in other areas.

I worked with two new Elders that had a family get baptized and a marriage. It was cool but wow it was a lot of work, This Tuesday I was in interviews for 4 hours with them. I really like interviewing because I can feel the sprit a lot. Anyway, all of them passed the baptism interview but the day of the baptism the family was really nervous and in the water two of the daughters freaked out. I had to direct everything because their ward mission leader didn't show up. Long story short after trying to baptize them 6 times they were finally baptized and were confirmed.

Also, I said this week is changes. I have to say it's been great being Elder Aguilar's companion and I have learned more patience. We had a great time and a lot of success. But, I hope this next change I can train. My time with Elder Aguilar has taught me I can really train a missionary and have success.

It's also crazy to think you guys all are in Montana. Time has gone so fast I miss all of you guys so much please be safe on the slopes. 

I Want to tell you guys I'm really happy for you guys and I'm happy I'm here even know I'm not with my family. I know that we are going to be an eternal family and I'm really grateful to see and to help others here be eternal families too=) LOVE YOU!!!! BE SAFE!!!!

Q) How is the reactivation program working?

A) Its moving a long 

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