Monday, March 2, 2015

Bello Amancer Week 38

Well, what a week, it was crazy! I think it was awesome too, because we had such a great week as a district. So not too many spiritual experiences, but this week stuff happened that was really cool.

Do you guys remember Bryan who I baptized? Well he has been going to church with me a lot and we talk.  He bought me the coolest gift this last week. He bought me a hammock. It’s awesome! It’s big blue and says Nicaragua. I’m going to see if I can get someone to send it home for me.

Also, Ok well, I’m training and let’s just say it is a lot of love. Ok, so one day we didn’t have water in the morning but when my companion checked he forgot to turn the water off so when we got home the water had flooded the bathroom with about 3 inches of water on the floor. Well, I knew he felt bad so I just acted like it was funny. I have got to say though; it was really funny because the floor is really slick in our house so it was hard to walk around without falling a lot.
The sad part is, that we are now looking for a new house to live. Don’t worry nothing was damaged.

Do you remember I told you that we have scorpions in our house? Well last night the big mama visited. The scorpion was like the size of my hand. But they are different here. They’re fat, slow, and don’t really do anything.

This week we worked in the less fortunate part of our area and we now have 3 families were teaching and they’re all progressing!!! The poor here are so nice. They give everything to help others. To help get the people from there to church we had a member who has a van go pick them all up. When we pulled up to church, the bishop just about died he thought it was so funny. He said, “When a white guy in a car shows up in a poor area, everyone follows.” I don’t know what that exactly means but it all right with me.

Love you!

Q) How did you get the late night baptism you spoke of last week approved?
A) Through the ZL, but the president got mad at them after, but not at me.

I know how to cook really good bananas!

My Hammock

My Comp.

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