Monday, March 16, 2015

Bello Amancer Week 40

Well it’s your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka. This week was a great week. It was fun and I have crazy news.

We have been teaching a boy named Aminadar for the past 3 weeks. His family is not active but do support and like the church. The family used to be active but then had a problem and felt like they could no longer attend. The problem came about after the oldest brother had prepared for his mission and had received his call. On the day he was to leave for the MTC at the airport they found out that he and the family had lied about his age. He was only 17!  Crazy, right? So, they felt really embarrassed and haven’t really come back to church since. I hope when the little brother gets baptized it will change their feelings about the Church, but well see.

We just started teaching Mario. He went to church this last week and it was really great. He is super strong. He trained in karate for 10 years and he can use nunchucks! It is super cool. I tried but they are really hard and if you don’t use them right you can really get hurt. He is cool but he said he has had more than 80 girlfriends! So he is a little bit of a player, but I am hoping he can change that.

Ok something super funny but cool is, do you remember when my companion said he was a brake dancer. Well, it wasn’t a lie. He was super good. Its weird, but cool to see the dude brake dance, haha.

This Thursday we are having a multi-mission meeting with the north mission, so If I get lucky I can see Elder Baldwin, maybe.

It is crazy to see how fast this adventure is going by. It's weird because I have always known I was going to be a missionary, but it's crazy to say the dream is almost half over =(

I’m super happy my family is happy and doing great! Love you guys!  Please be safe!!!! LOVE YOU MOM!
Q) Did you get my valentine/St. Patrick's Day package yet? I sent it on February
     2?   A) Nope
Q) How do you work out alone? A) My companion reads and I workout in the
     same room.
Q) Any p-day activities? We are going to have a baseball game next week.

Q) I heard that there was I was an earthquake the week before last and you didn't mention it. Was 
     everything ok and did you feel it? A) It was nothing. Most of Managua didn't feel it.

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