Monday, March 9, 2015

Bello Amancer Week 39

This week was great! We have 2 families progressing and we are right on the edge of baptizing both of them. Also my district is killing it! We're doing awesome. And yes I'm prideful and will say I have the best district in the world. Every one of them are workers and know why they are here. This last two weeks as a district we have had more than 36 investigators in church. That means all of us have been having 9 investigators weekly in the church!! It’s fun because; we're a team, as a district and each and every one of us want the best for our investigators. I think sports really helped me learn to work as a team. This last week we all had interviews and the President was happy to see that it's possible for us to baptize 28 people this month!

The funny but not so funny part of my week was we haven't had water for the past 3 days!!!! I have had to go to Elder Bennett's area to take showers, bummer right? I think I'm one of the first missionaries in our ward to say that investigators that can't go to church because there's no water, haha. Also something funny is that, this last week I went to another ward to help the other missionaries.  It was great but funny because the bishop had this huge dog under his chair during sacrament meeting. I asked the Elders if he always had the dog with him and they told me he won't go anywhere without his dog, haha. I was like, “only in Nicaragua.”

Well my companion is doing great. We have worked really hard everyday and really he is almost to the point where he doesn't need my help to do everything. I have learned that I have to tell people what their doing wrong to help them get better but I have also learned to do it with love. Elder Jovel is a great missionary and I'm excited to see where he goes in his mission. 

I wanted to say, I love you mom please be safe I miss you so much. Love you.

1) Did you find another house to live in? Nope
2) Why are you moving? I thought your house was one of the nicer houses in
    mission. You said that it had a hot water heater. A) The President says we
    can't move.

3) Did you get my valentines package? A ) No

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