Monday, April 27, 2015

Las Palmas Managua Week 46

Well, this week was another fast week. It’s weird to say this, but it feels like I wrote yesterday. I wonder what it’s going to feel like in one month when I have only a year left. Everyone tells me that it goes really fast after a year but it’s already flying by for me.

It’s awesome to hear that Abby had another baby. I know she is beautiful. I loved the pictures. It’s exciting to think that I will be coming home to a huge wonderful family. It’s going to be busy and even more packed with family activities but the more the better. Right? Grandpa and Grandma really have a big family. I’m super happy to have a great family and to know we can live be together forever. 

This week was awesome because we went to McDonalds for the first time in a long long time. It felt great eating bad American food. Something that blew my mind was the coca cola. Here it is way better than in America. Today we tasted coca cola that was imported from America and wow, it tasted really bad.
Being with two dudes from America very different. I have been with Latinos most of my mission. It’s funny because I can go into Spanish pretty easy now and then right back into English, which is cool.
Here in my new area we eat a ton of fish and I’m even starting to like shrimp and lobster, which is different. I like it because it’s a great diet to help you get in great shape. 
Mom it was awesome hearing about you adventure in Hawaii.  I cant wait to GO THERE WITH YOU GUYS!!! No, I really want you guys to come here with me. It’s awesome and I know you will love it here.
I love you guys. Please be safe I’m praying for you guys everyday!!! 
Q) Favorite or weirdest food eaten this week?  Sopa De Pescado
Q) Have you been stopped by the police lately? Nope
Q) Held up lately? Nope

Q) Is it still hot? It's super humid here in Hawaii and I've thought of you:) Yes, It’s super hot here!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Las Palmas Managua Week 45

This week I really can't write a lot. I have been super busy. We had a baptism this last week and it was awesome. I was happy to see Tatiana finally be baptized. It was funny. We had to talk to her mom for a long time to get her to be baptized. It was a relief when she was baptized and I was happy to see how the family reacted. I don’t want to take too much of your  time because I just know you guys are loving it being back where you guys served your missions. I really hope that I will be able to come back to my mission and people will remember me. This next week I will write more. I have to do a little more as a ZL now so some weeks is will be very hard to write. I wanted to say I'm really proud to be called your son and I'm happy to see how happy you guys are. I'm happy you guys have done the things and taught us your children the things we need to know. I love you guys please be safe. I miss you guys but I know I'm here to teach and help others to know how they can be eternal. I love you guys!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Las Palmas, Managa Week 44

We had a baptism last week. Her name was Eva and she is 80 years old but she is still, kicking it!  She says I’m goofy, but she likes that about me so that makes me feel good. It was awesome because it was Elder Redd's first baptism. She is really old so we had her sit down to be baptized. It was funny because the family was freaking out because she hasn’t been under water for 40 or more years. It was good and I hope you like the pictures.
My companions are great. Elder Kleiner the other Zl is super cool. We are having a great time and its awesome to be with someone from AZ. He found out that I might go play Rugby for U of A and about died. Elder Kleiner is a die hard U of A fan and he can't believe I want to go there. If you send us anything please send him some U of A stuff. He knows the Tuckers and Norbergs.
Elder Redd is my son who I’m training. He is from Utah. He eats a ton. I think its funny because I remember when I was in my first week and I was dying of hunger. Don’t worry I’m eating great now.
Elder Corbeara is the only one in the house who can’t speak English. He is cool and he is a great teacher.
It’s been different being a ZL. I never realized all what they do. It’s a ton of numbers and dealing with problems. 
I want to close by saying I’m happy. I cant wait until we can go out to eat and talk again, it’s going to be great. LOVE ALL OF YOU! BE SAFE!
2) What is the name of your new area? A) Las Palmas, Managua
3) Please tell me the names of your companions. A) Their last names are: Redd Kleiner and Corbeara
4) Please describe your companion. A) My son is white, 6'4 and can play the piano and eat like a monster and yes, it’s hard from him to be away from home but he is learning fast.

5) What is your new area like?  Is it in the jungle or city? Do you like the lady who is fixing your lunch? A) I feel like I’m in the capital of a state in the US. No jungle at all:(   My lunch cita is really good.

Eva's family

Eva's Baptism Day

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bello Amancer Week 43

Well to start I left Bello. It was the first time I have cried when leavening an area. It was almost as hard as leaving home but not as hard. I love every family and every member there. It was hard to tell everyone that I was leaving. Trixie was really sad but her husband wrote me the coolest thing and the best thing I have heard on my mission. He wrote me and told me, “thank you so much for helping my family be able to enter into the kingdom of God. You might not ever come back to Nicaragua and you might forget us, but I want to tell you thank you and that we will always have the name Elder Hironaka in are hearts”.  He wrote other things as well; really awesome things that made me feel really sad. It’s really sad that as Elders when the people need us we’re there but when the people no longer need us but want us more we have to leave. Elder Jovel was sad as well because I could not finish his training. (Elder Jovel had one more week left of training) In the morning it was really sad but Brain and Helen who were two other baptisms that I had, left their houses at 5 in the morning to say good bye for the second time.  That really made me sad as well. I will never forget my time and my other family’s in Bello.

Now for the crazy part. I had changes to a new area and I am the new Zone Leader! I also was blessed to be companions with the another ZL, Elder KLINER from MESA!!!!!! His Mom and Dad went to Westwood.  His dad is 50. Also I’m training again and I’m training a 6´4 Elder from Utah. Wow, it is crazy to train a gringo (white guy).

Anyway, I want to say, I love you all I have to go I’m going to write more this next week but I’m super short on time to write. I’m so happy your all safe. I pray everyday for you guys. Please be safe LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

I love you Mom. I’m in Las Palmas

Hey dad thank you for everything. I really thought of you this week when I listened to President Eyring and President Monson. I’m really happy you were a great leader and always showed that you honored your priesthood and taught me to always honor mine. I’m also a new ZL. Please help me know what I need to do to have success as a leader. Thanks dad, I love you.

1) So did you to watch all sessions of conference? Yes I loved them all
2) Did an elder Bennett get transferred? Yes, both of us left our sons
3) Are transfers on the same day as the day incoming new missionaries? Yes, they are   

The following pictures are of my last day in Bello: