Monday, April 6, 2015

Bello Amancer Week 43

Well to start I left Bello. It was the first time I have cried when leavening an area. It was almost as hard as leaving home but not as hard. I love every family and every member there. It was hard to tell everyone that I was leaving. Trixie was really sad but her husband wrote me the coolest thing and the best thing I have heard on my mission. He wrote me and told me, “thank you so much for helping my family be able to enter into the kingdom of God. You might not ever come back to Nicaragua and you might forget us, but I want to tell you thank you and that we will always have the name Elder Hironaka in are hearts”.  He wrote other things as well; really awesome things that made me feel really sad. It’s really sad that as Elders when the people need us we’re there but when the people no longer need us but want us more we have to leave. Elder Jovel was sad as well because I could not finish his training. (Elder Jovel had one more week left of training) In the morning it was really sad but Brain and Helen who were two other baptisms that I had, left their houses at 5 in the morning to say good bye for the second time.  That really made me sad as well. I will never forget my time and my other family’s in Bello.

Now for the crazy part. I had changes to a new area and I am the new Zone Leader! I also was blessed to be companions with the another ZL, Elder KLINER from MESA!!!!!! His Mom and Dad went to Westwood.  His dad is 50. Also I’m training again and I’m training a 6´4 Elder from Utah. Wow, it is crazy to train a gringo (white guy).

Anyway, I want to say, I love you all I have to go I’m going to write more this next week but I’m super short on time to write. I’m so happy your all safe. I pray everyday for you guys. Please be safe LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

I love you Mom. I’m in Las Palmas

Hey dad thank you for everything. I really thought of you this week when I listened to President Eyring and President Monson. I’m really happy you were a great leader and always showed that you honored your priesthood and taught me to always honor mine. I’m also a new ZL. Please help me know what I need to do to have success as a leader. Thanks dad, I love you.

1) So did you to watch all sessions of conference? Yes I loved them all
2) Did an elder Bennett get transferred? Yes, both of us left our sons
3) Are transfers on the same day as the day incoming new missionaries? Yes, they are   

The following pictures are of my last day in Bello:

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