Monday, April 13, 2015

Las Palmas, Managa Week 44

We had a baptism last week. Her name was Eva and she is 80 years old but she is still, kicking it!  She says I’m goofy, but she likes that about me so that makes me feel good. It was awesome because it was Elder Redd's first baptism. She is really old so we had her sit down to be baptized. It was funny because the family was freaking out because she hasn’t been under water for 40 or more years. It was good and I hope you like the pictures.
My companions are great. Elder Kleiner the other Zl is super cool. We are having a great time and its awesome to be with someone from AZ. He found out that I might go play Rugby for U of A and about died. Elder Kleiner is a die hard U of A fan and he can't believe I want to go there. If you send us anything please send him some U of A stuff. He knows the Tuckers and Norbergs.
Elder Redd is my son who I’m training. He is from Utah. He eats a ton. I think its funny because I remember when I was in my first week and I was dying of hunger. Don’t worry I’m eating great now.
Elder Corbeara is the only one in the house who can’t speak English. He is cool and he is a great teacher.
It’s been different being a ZL. I never realized all what they do. It’s a ton of numbers and dealing with problems. 
I want to close by saying I’m happy. I cant wait until we can go out to eat and talk again, it’s going to be great. LOVE ALL OF YOU! BE SAFE!
2) What is the name of your new area? A) Las Palmas, Managua
3) Please tell me the names of your companions. A) Their last names are: Redd Kleiner and Corbeara
4) Please describe your companion. A) My son is white, 6'4 and can play the piano and eat like a monster and yes, it’s hard from him to be away from home but he is learning fast.

5) What is your new area like?  Is it in the jungle or city? Do you like the lady who is fixing your lunch? A) I feel like I’m in the capital of a state in the US. No jungle at all:(   My lunch cita is really good.

Eva's family

Eva's Baptism Day

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