Monday, April 27, 2015

Las Palmas Managua Week 46

Well, this week was another fast week. It’s weird to say this, but it feels like I wrote yesterday. I wonder what it’s going to feel like in one month when I have only a year left. Everyone tells me that it goes really fast after a year but it’s already flying by for me.

It’s awesome to hear that Abby had another baby. I know she is beautiful. I loved the pictures. It’s exciting to think that I will be coming home to a huge wonderful family. It’s going to be busy and even more packed with family activities but the more the better. Right? Grandpa and Grandma really have a big family. I’m super happy to have a great family and to know we can live be together forever. 

This week was awesome because we went to McDonalds for the first time in a long long time. It felt great eating bad American food. Something that blew my mind was the coca cola. Here it is way better than in America. Today we tasted coca cola that was imported from America and wow, it tasted really bad.
Being with two dudes from America very different. I have been with Latinos most of my mission. It’s funny because I can go into Spanish pretty easy now and then right back into English, which is cool.
Here in my new area we eat a ton of fish and I’m even starting to like shrimp and lobster, which is different. I like it because it’s a great diet to help you get in great shape. 
Mom it was awesome hearing about you adventure in Hawaii.  I cant wait to GO THERE WITH YOU GUYS!!! No, I really want you guys to come here with me. It’s awesome and I know you will love it here.
I love you guys. Please be safe I’m praying for you guys everyday!!! 
Q) Favorite or weirdest food eaten this week?  Sopa De Pescado
Q) Have you been stopped by the police lately? Nope
Q) Held up lately? Nope

Q) Is it still hot? It's super humid here in Hawaii and I've thought of you:) Yes, It’s super hot here!

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