Monday, May 4, 2015

Las Palmas Managua Week 47

Well it's your good old Elder Hironaka!!!! This week was another fast week. I went to a new part of our zone that looked a little bit like Canada but it was super hot or more like scorching hot!!!!

This new place we went to was called Mateare. It was really cool but super super poor. The poor people here, right now, are so receptive. I walked up to the first house in the area and made a baptism date with them. After the first house, I was like, this is the best area ever!  My area is the richest area in the whole mission, I think. The houses have doorbells!  It's the first time I have touched a doorbell in 11 months. I have to say it has been different starting my mission in the jungle part of Nicaragua and to now be in the city.

My companions are great I don't think I’m allowed to say their first names right now because they are missionaries but I can tell you Elder Kleiner has the same first name as Tricia's son, haha. They are great. I love them. It's weird to be with 2 other Americans in the house. But, it is cool too, because I can now go from Spanish to English pretty well. It's fun because we talk English in the house and Spanish in the streets. I work out with Elder Redd every morning and practice English with Elder Corbera. 

I just want to say it is awesome to hear all the great things that are going on back home and I'm happy to hear everyone is ok and doing great. I love you guys!

Q) Now that you are living with Americans, do you speak more English or Spanish? A) Yes, I live with Americans but my son can't speak Spanish yet so I only speak Spanish to him
Q) Tell me about your area. A) I like it but it is not Bello Amanecer, but my members from Bello come to my ward to visit me

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