Monday, May 25, 2015

Las Palmas Managua Week 50

Well it’s your friendly Elder Hironaka that only has a year left in his awesome mission. I want to start by saying wow, how time just flies by. It was crazy when I heard that I only had a year left in my mission. I still remember walking in the airport when Tricia sang which made me sad, haha. It's just crazy how time flies. 

This week was awesome. I’m going to start with my investigators. Well we had a baptism this week which was outstanding and it was awesome because we also had a wedding as well. I had to do a lot more work for this wedding than what I have been doing because the laws in Nicaragua have changed just a little bit. Now we need to take out a lot more paper work. Let's just say if anyone wants to get married when I get home just give me a call.

This week was also cool because I talked to a man who didn’t want to get married to his wife and she really wanted to be baptized. Yeah, I basically made him feel really sad that told him that he is breaking a commandment of God. So after a hour of that he finally said yes. I was super happy, haha but I'm pretty sure he never wants to talk to me again, but what’s important is that she got baptized right?

Its crazy to think that life is just moving a long so fast.  Remember when you and me went on a walk on the beach together mom. I don’t remember all what we talked about I just remember feeling really good and happy that I had a great mom. I can’t wait tell we call go on a walk on the beach again.

This week was also crazy because know I’m the only zone leader here in Managua. Which means a lot of work for me!!!! It’s not bad just a little crazy. No it’s great.  Right now as I am writing you, I’m making a power point to present for the President of the mission.

Mom it’s also so great to see how everything is doing great and that everything is going see well. I’m excited to read about the great stories you guys are going to have this summer. Please remember to have fun but be safe please. I love you very much and hope everyone is doing great.

DON'T worry this next week when I have more time, if I have more time, I will send more pictures!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!

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