Monday, June 8, 2015

Las Palmas Managua Week 52

This week was awesome, long, and full of stuff I’m always going to remember!  
To start, we are planning on baptizing 4 people this month!! This week we’re going to baptize Jefferson who is a little boy whose family is not active. We are also going to baptize someone named Jessica. She is progressing and loves the church. She has been reading and studying everything we have given her. I thought she was a member but I started to talk with her and she told me that she wants to be but the missionaries who have come by her house never come back.  So, we have been visiting her quite a bit and she will for sure be ready to be baptized in two weeks.
Last Tuesday a rain canal fell in the sister’s house and was filling up their house with water. So I threw on my shirt and tie and ran to their house... or tried. We were socked with water. We tried to take a taxi and we got as far as we could when the taxi stalled out. The water was like a river in the street and the taxi was more like a boat than a car. I was a little upset as well because my phone fell in the water as well. It was crazy. The sisters were fine everything was ok. The next day I spent most of the day looking for a new house for them in their area. I looked at 8 houses but none were good so I had to take another day looking for one. One house I won’t forget, it was the worst house ever. So the owner came up and said, “ok this house we haven’t been in over a year” (bad sign). So right when he opened the door roaches started running, so the sisters didn’t want to enter. I wasn’t going to say yes to the house at all at that point but I want to see the rest of the house so I entered. The back part of the house smelled super bad and I’m not got to lie, I started to think ok there might be some dead body or something in here. I kept walking on back and when I got to the last room a ton of bats came out!  I saw a room with like 5 rats and a bunch of rat and bat poo. Haha, It was funny but the guy was really nice and told me he would clean it up. I was nice and told him don’t worry about it they can’t live there.  I ended up finding a nice new house for them so they are going to be ok. They’re going to start to live there in one week.
Working out again. So we made like a bench press with little weights. It not great because you have to do like 100 reps before your tired, but it’s a good workout.


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