Monday, July 6, 2015

Las Palmas Managua Week 56

Hey mommy its your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka. Wow I love
all the pics, they’re awesome! It looks like everyone is growing up and
is getting better and better. I love my family so much. Thank you mom
for just being a big part of that. I miss you so much.

Well so I have a ton to write.
So we did have changes this last week! It was good. My second son
left the house! Elder Redd now is in Sandino, which will be a great area
for him. I don’t think I told you about this but, during the time I was
with Redd I also was given a new son named Elder Castillo. This dude
is my funny son, haha. He is super funny and together we have a great
time and we’re doing great. He is awesome. He always is looking how to
better himself. I have done a ton of practices with him and I’m pretty
confident to say that he is going to have a ton of success in his
Mission. This last week we had a meeting of the new missionaries with
their trainers. In this meeting the new missionaries without their
trainers have to teach and put a baptism date. I was super proud of him
he did out-standing and was great. He even got a, good job compliment from
President after.

Well also in the changes I got a new ZL companion to help me out. His
name is Elder Anderson. He is really chill. He is from Logan Utah. He
Is a hard worker and it’s great to have him as a companion.

We were also able to baptize 2 more people this last week. Oh and mom
don’t worry my relationship with the ward and the Bishop is really
good. I work with the Bishop almost every Thursday so that he can get
to know my investigators. With these 2 baptisms, I have had a number of
baptisms in my time here in Las Palmas. The people I baptized in Bello
still sometime come to my ward here in Las Palmas, even though I have
told them they can’t, but it still makes me feel good. They all
bring me food because they are worried I’m getting skinny, haha. Don’t
worry I’m not.

So like I said we baptized 2 people this week named José and Marlexa.
We are also preparing a middle-aged man named Eddy. Get this he might
quite his job if they tell him that he can’t go to church!!! What faith right?

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