Monday, July 13, 2015

Las Palmas Managua Week 57

I’m teaching a man named Eddy. He is really a great example for me. He was not allowed to take off Sundays so he told his employer that he was going to quit his job so he could go to church. It has been awesome teaching him and I’m excited to send pictures this next week of his baptism.

I’m also teaching a girl named Margin. She is really great and she is really studying all the things we have taught her. I have been really impressed with everything that she has done in her life. Her mom left her and the person she lives with told us that she wished that her mom would come back and get her because all she is trouble. She is actually kind of like the maid of the house, which is sad. To go to church she needs to wake up early in the morning at 5 just to clean and prepare the house for the day. It’s really sad because after all her work her adoptive mom says she doesn’t love her.

Anyway so yeah I’m still here in Las Palmas. I like it here but I wish it were different. I liked the forest areas a lot but now I’m in the city. I hope at least in my last area I can return to a forestry area again.

I can’t really write a lot this week because we’re really busy, but next week I’m going to have a ton to write about. I love you mom I’M GOING TO WRITE WAY MORE NEXT WEEK!!!

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