Monday, July 20, 2015

Las Palmas Managua Week 58

Well this week for starters we had a baptism!!!! Her name is Margin. We taught her hard for 3 weeks and I had to kind of fight with her mom to let her go to church, haha. She is kind of a Cinderella story. She lives with a mean step grandmother that makes her clean and cook. Every morning she gets up at 5 just to clean and get everything ready. On Sunday she has to get up at 4 to get everything done so she can go to church with us. Anyway it was sad because one day she didn’t clean something and her grandma got all mad at her and kept telling her and me that she doesn’t love her and she should go back living with her mom. It was really sad but we talked to her and settled her down. In Spanish something that is different is you can be really direct and it’s not rude. In English it would sound bad what we told her, but in Spanish its normal. We kind of told the grandma that Margin is awesome and that she needs to be more loving to her. She was a little mad but God softened her, haha. But, Anyway she got baptized!!!

Also this week we had multi-zone, which was awesome. It made me really trunky. Trunky is when you think a lot about home.  I was a teacher as well and had to teach the zones about how we can present and teach the book of Mormon. It was fun but wow being a teacher can be a rough job, haha. Anyway after we listen to a story about a girl that lived in Mesa and they kept showing pictures of the Mesa Temple. I was like oh man I miss my home. Also we were able to watch Meet the Mormons. It was awesome but that made me even trunkier. It had Football and showed more pics. of AZ. I was like, “kill me.”

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