Monday, August 31, 2015

Memorable Hand Shake

This week was a week to remember!!!! I was able to have a great time seeing President Nelson twice!  He first met with all of the missionaries of Nicaragua and was later at my Stake Conference.

The week has been a little crazy but I really hope you will enjoy reading about it!

So for starters my investigators are doing great. We are going to have 3 baptisms this week. Their names are Alex, Esteven, and Neil. It was great to see how happy they were when they came to church with us in their white shirts and  ties. It was fun and during Stake Conference President Nelson told them along with all of the Young Men, Young Women, and Primary to stand up and to sing I’m a child of God. They just loved doing that.

This week I had to rent the bus to take our huge zone to a multi mission conference. It’s awesome having a huge zone but it’s hard sometimes. It’s a lot of verifying and going from one place to another. I have to say though I love being here because I have so many friends from Masaya to help me and say hi.

In the multi mission it was awesome to see my great friend Elder Baldwin!! He looks great!!! The same, but great!!! He sang in the choir and did an awesome job. I was not able to talk very much to him and we weren’t allowed to take pictures with the North Mission. So that was a little bit of a bummer, but it was awesome to see him.

The greatest part the whole week was to shake the hand of President Nelson. He really has a lot of love for everyone. He taught us many things, including about the tribes that we come from. I loved his talk and found it very interesting.

Today was a day I won’t ever forget as it was the day that we were given hot wings!!!!! Yeah! It was the first time I have gotten those in my mission. We ate them after we played sports as a Zone at a park. It was cool because the park had a turf field. We played for a good hour and a half. It was fun playing and hanging out with my boy Bennett, haha. His chill reminds me a lot of Jared.

I’m happy everyone is doing well. Its awesome to see how good Tyler is doing. You guys wont believe this but I have lost 30lbs since I left home!!!!!!! I feel good and I’m not sick but I’m going to have to start working out hard with big weights and eat a lot again. Like I did before my mission, haha. SKINNY MAN!!!!! ANY WAY, LOVE YOU GUYS!  BE SAFEEEEE!!!!

Elder Hironaka

E. Hironaka & E. Bennett

E. Hironaka & E. Bennett


Monday, August 24, 2015

Masaya Week 63

Hey well it’s your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka, still reporting from good old Masaya!!!! I love it here it’s awesome!!! This week I’m a little busy today and I don’t have too much time but I’m going to give a good report!!!!!

We are teaching a lot of people. We have really gained a lot of respect here as missionaries. A lot of my old friends from here are calling us to talk to their friends and to invite them to come to church. This last week we were able to have 11 people come to church; 6 of which I think will get baptized! 

Also so last week I talked about how we were teaching the friend of Marcello, right? So anyway he came to church this week by himself all done up in a tie and shirt. Cool, right? He also was called on to give the prayer in priesthood and did it; I was like, that's what I taught him!!!!!

Also this week I went and did house checks with Hermana Russell and one AP. It's fun going doing house checks with Hermana Russell. It reminds me of when you and me, Mom, did the same in my own room. But this time I passed the test as well as many in my zone. I have to say missionaries here in this mission are in the good hands of Hermana Russell. Our homes are good houses.

Also had a very cool experience here with the stake with the Stake President. So, the day before the house checks I went to the Stake President’s house to get the keys to the Stake. When I asked for them he told me that he would meet me at the church at 7 in the morning.  The next morning I went to the stake early because I didn’t want him to be waiting for me. When we got there we were 7min early and we waited. Out of nowhere a man in a hat and a huge jacket come from out of the blue. It was the Stake President. Ha-ha He was very happy to see us. He told us that we were the first Elders to be exactly on time. He opened the church and then the next day he just threw me the keys and told me to lock up once we were done. I didn’t think much of it until President Russell and Hermana Russell told me that I’m the first Elder to have the keys and that the Stake President has never trusted anyone with the keys. They told me I passed the test, ha-ha! I was like that is so weird, ha-ha. But it’s an event for the mission.

Anyway, like I said can't talk all that much but want you guys to know I love you all!!!! BE safe, love you mom.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Masaya Week 62

It’s your Nica. Missionary Elder Hironaka. Well this week there wasn’t too much stuff that went on, but it was exciting a little bit, haha.

To start we talked to Barkidia again this week. She is someone I was teaching last year but didn’t get baptized. She has been really involved in the lessons and has been reading a praying to have a testimony. She will be a lot of work to get baptized because she needs to get married. I can see however that she will be baptized some day.

Marcelo!!!!! My little buddy is doing work!!! He brought his best friend to church this last week and he loved it. It has been good to see how much Marcelo has helped us. I hope that he will be able to see his friend be baptized!!!

Also this last week I was in my 2nd area of my mission. San Miguel, I love that area the people are so nice and it was awesome to see all the people I taught and who were baptized. It’s awesome to see that even after we left that they wanted to listen and help the missionaries with the work. I even think that Lester who we baptized is the ward mission leader!!!! Crazy right, but cool!

My zone as I told you guys is huge we have one district that is an hour a way!!!!! I think but do not know for sure, but I think we might change it and have 2 zones but IDK.

Elder Nelson is coming and he is going to be in my zone for the stake conference.

I can’t talk all that much but I want to tell you that I love you and miss you all. LOVE YOU BE SAFE!!!!

Love, Elder Hironaka

                   Workout oh yeah!!! LOVE YOU!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Masaya Round Two Week 61

Esta semana era loco!!! This week was super crazy!!!!! Well to start your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka got changed!!!!!!! Yes. I left Las Palmas!!! You guys also will not believe were I’m at now!!! I’m back in MASAYA!!! Yes, that is where I started my mission and now I’m back as the ZL in the same house, where I started my mission. This week has been so crazy!  So buckle up to listen to some craziness!!

So, like I said I left Las Palmas, Mom. We had 16 baptisms there in 4 and half months. It was sad leaving everyone again and do you know what was even more sad? The People from Bello Amanecer came to say goodbye because they all knew I was leaving the stake. I’m going to miss every one of them, but it brings tears to my eyes to see how happy they are and to see how far they have come in my time in my mission. I don’t think i told you guys this, but 3 of the people we taught and who were baptized, Helen, Brain, and Jessica all have gone to the temple in Honduras to do baptisms for their families. I will always remember all of them.

I’m back in Masaya. I have to say I’m proud to see that some of the people we baptized when I was here the first time are still going to church. Yes, the first person to come and see me when he heard that I came back was Marcello. I talked about him all the time when I was starting my mission. I was so happy to see him again. I thought in this time, wow, if I feel this way to see him, how am I going to feel in 10 months when I see my family again?

Yes, everyone remembers me and wants us over for dinner, haha.  It’s a little funny. They are all like “ELDER HIRONAKA!!!!!! How are you??? Wow, you can speak Spanish now. Holy cow that is awesome !!!”  Yeah, it’s funny, all of them say that. I like it though because I have improved a lot, haha.

Masaya is huge and I’m here with another cool ZL named Elder Morales. I feel we are going to have a lot of success together in this zone. We also were given a new guy who is pretty cool named Elder Atkin. He is cool and is from Utah. Also I have another companion to work with who you guys know named Elder Corbeara. Yes, he is the guy you saw with me when we SKYPED on Mother’s day. Yes, he is back with me don’t know why but we are back together.

So another crazy thing that happened yesterday and another reason why I feel I’m back here again is because I met someone again yesterday. Her name is Barkidia, She is super cool but when I was here last year she couldn’t get baptized because she needed to get married but she didn’t want to get married. Well the guy left and she told me that she was glad to see me because she now is ready t be baptized!!!! How cool is that, right!!!!!

Well I can’t write a ton but I wanted to say I love you Mom and hope everything is going great!!!! I LOVE YOU!  BE SAFE I’LL WRITE MORE NEXT WEEK!!!!!