Monday, August 3, 2015

Las Palmas Managua Week 60

Well it your busy friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka. 

I would like to start by saying I’m very sorry that I have not been able to write that much these last couple of weeks. I really am sorry. I want to say that I really do live on your guys letters and I love reading them and seeing how everyone is doing. I have a lot to talk about. In this past two weeks I have had a presentation that I made, been in a couple of earth quakes, found a couple of awesome families, had problems with my companion being sick, stake conference, working with other missionaries, hair cut, had a convert Died, and just a lot of other things.

So lets start with investigators. So, I have really started looking for awesome families. Well I found 2 great families. One family, is family Luz (LIGHT). They are super awesome we found them and they kindly let us in and we taught about how the family can be forever and how the gospel could help them be an eternal family. They really liked the message and they came to church with us. Jenner, Luz, Luznadi, and Jennersito all are preparing now to be baptized for the 29 of Aug.!!! It has been awesome teaching them and seeing how they are progressing. Pray for them please to be baptized!!! Ok so our other family we’re teaching, who also came to stake conference this week is the Penalba family. This is a story that is awesome. Ok so in my zone there is a guy named Elder Penalba. He is from the states and has never talked really to his Dad’s side of the family. It turns out that his Dad was born here in Nicaragua and when he was 18 he left for the states and never came back. He was baptized in the states and got married. It was awesome for his Dad when he found out his son’s call was to Nicaragua. Anyway, I have been working in an area, a little richer and we cane across the Aunt of Elder Penalba’s. It was crazy she looked just like Elder Penalba. She invited us in as well and we talked with the whole family (6 people). They liked the message and I invited them to church. They knew that they had a missionary of their family here but did not know what part and what he really looked like. Turns out that this week was stake conference and without any of them knowing they all were in the same stake conference!! The face of Elder Penalba when he saw them was super awesome and unforgettable. I’m going to work my hardest to bring them to the waters of baptism and to have Elder Penalba baptize his family=)  (I also had permission to bring them to church when Elder Penalba was there) (no soy frito) COOL STORY RIGHT!!!!!

OK well Presentation went really good!! My zone has done outstanding. It’s great to see the results of hard work. My goal for my zone for this month is high but I know that we can complete it. I really love it here in Las Palmas and the zone Managua. Its super city like I told you guys but it’s still really fun and has its ups and downs like every area. For example here a lot of people work so it’s hard to find the person and teach but the up side is that the people here are a little more trustworthy and will do what you ask them to do.

Well other thing that has happened in this last couple of weeks is the earth quakes. Yeah they’re different but don’t worry they have not been strong. I do have to say an earthquake does hurt your head and gives you headaches. DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME THOUGH IM OK!!!  Last year they had really hard earthquakes!!!! Don’t worry nothing bad has happened and I know nothing bad is going to happen?

OK I’m not going to lie a lot of people are getting sick here. Elder Kliener bit the dust pretty hard this last week and was in the hospital for 3 days with viruses of some type. As well my companion, he was a super sick and we found out that he had a super weird sickness but it went away in 3 days. Don’t worry I think about the blessing that President Lines gave me all the time and know that I’m going to be ok and protected from these sicknesses!!!

Well another sad story in the mission is that one of my converts died=(I baptized an older lady with Elder Kliener. Her name was Marta. I will always remember her great testimony and I know that she will be ok and will enter into the kingdom of Our Heavenly Father. 

Hair cuts;( well sad, so, I sat down to get my haircut.  Well, they did a really bad job. So, I look pretty bad but what don’t worry in two weeks it will be long again. 

It’s awesome to see Tyler with braces as well, hah, it’s cool bro! Rock the grills for a little bit.=) 

Questions that I have!!!!!!!
Q Are you having family night?
Q Have you seen meet the Mormons?
Q Are you ready for school?

LOVE, YOUR ELDER,   Elder Hironaka;)

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