Monday, August 10, 2015

Masaya Round Two Week 61

Esta semana era loco!!! This week was super crazy!!!!! Well to start your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka got changed!!!!!!! Yes. I left Las Palmas!!! You guys also will not believe were I’m at now!!! I’m back in MASAYA!!! Yes, that is where I started my mission and now I’m back as the ZL in the same house, where I started my mission. This week has been so crazy!  So buckle up to listen to some craziness!!

So, like I said I left Las Palmas, Mom. We had 16 baptisms there in 4 and half months. It was sad leaving everyone again and do you know what was even more sad? The People from Bello Amanecer came to say goodbye because they all knew I was leaving the stake. I’m going to miss every one of them, but it brings tears to my eyes to see how happy they are and to see how far they have come in my time in my mission. I don’t think i told you guys this, but 3 of the people we taught and who were baptized, Helen, Brain, and Jessica all have gone to the temple in Honduras to do baptisms for their families. I will always remember all of them.

I’m back in Masaya. I have to say I’m proud to see that some of the people we baptized when I was here the first time are still going to church. Yes, the first person to come and see me when he heard that I came back was Marcello. I talked about him all the time when I was starting my mission. I was so happy to see him again. I thought in this time, wow, if I feel this way to see him, how am I going to feel in 10 months when I see my family again?

Yes, everyone remembers me and wants us over for dinner, haha.  It’s a little funny. They are all like “ELDER HIRONAKA!!!!!! How are you??? Wow, you can speak Spanish now. Holy cow that is awesome !!!”  Yeah, it’s funny, all of them say that. I like it though because I have improved a lot, haha.

Masaya is huge and I’m here with another cool ZL named Elder Morales. I feel we are going to have a lot of success together in this zone. We also were given a new guy who is pretty cool named Elder Atkin. He is cool and is from Utah. Also I have another companion to work with who you guys know named Elder Corbeara. Yes, he is the guy you saw with me when we SKYPED on Mother’s day. Yes, he is back with me don’t know why but we are back together.

So another crazy thing that happened yesterday and another reason why I feel I’m back here again is because I met someone again yesterday. Her name is Barkidia, She is super cool but when I was here last year she couldn’t get baptized because she needed to get married but she didn’t want to get married. Well the guy left and she told me that she was glad to see me because she now is ready t be baptized!!!! How cool is that, right!!!!!

Well I can’t write a ton but I wanted to say I love you Mom and hope everything is going great!!!! I LOVE YOU!  BE SAFE I’LL WRITE MORE NEXT WEEK!!!!! 

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