Monday, August 24, 2015

Masaya Week 63

Hey well it’s your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka, still reporting from good old Masaya!!!! I love it here it’s awesome!!! This week I’m a little busy today and I don’t have too much time but I’m going to give a good report!!!!!

We are teaching a lot of people. We have really gained a lot of respect here as missionaries. A lot of my old friends from here are calling us to talk to their friends and to invite them to come to church. This last week we were able to have 11 people come to church; 6 of which I think will get baptized! 

Also so last week I talked about how we were teaching the friend of Marcello, right? So anyway he came to church this week by himself all done up in a tie and shirt. Cool, right? He also was called on to give the prayer in priesthood and did it; I was like, that's what I taught him!!!!!

Also this week I went and did house checks with Hermana Russell and one AP. It's fun going doing house checks with Hermana Russell. It reminds me of when you and me, Mom, did the same in my own room. But this time I passed the test as well as many in my zone. I have to say missionaries here in this mission are in the good hands of Hermana Russell. Our homes are good houses.

Also had a very cool experience here with the stake with the Stake President. So, the day before the house checks I went to the Stake President’s house to get the keys to the Stake. When I asked for them he told me that he would meet me at the church at 7 in the morning.  The next morning I went to the stake early because I didn’t want him to be waiting for me. When we got there we were 7min early and we waited. Out of nowhere a man in a hat and a huge jacket come from out of the blue. It was the Stake President. Ha-ha He was very happy to see us. He told us that we were the first Elders to be exactly on time. He opened the church and then the next day he just threw me the keys and told me to lock up once we were done. I didn’t think much of it until President Russell and Hermana Russell told me that I’m the first Elder to have the keys and that the Stake President has never trusted anyone with the keys. They told me I passed the test, ha-ha! I was like that is so weird, ha-ha. But it’s an event for the mission.

Anyway, like I said can't talk all that much but want you guys to know I love you all!!!! BE safe, love you mom.

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