Monday, September 28, 2015

Ciudad Sandino Week 68

Well it's your Elder Hironaka!!! This week was a long one and one I will not forget because of the pain, haha. 

My week!!!!!
I had a meeting with the other leaders in the mission this week. This meeting can be good or bad… It's good if your zone is doing well. If your zone is doing bad however, you might as well bring a bag to carry your head home in. lucky I have never had a bad zone, so, I have never gotten it too hard.

I also got a little sick this week, which don't worry I doing fine now. I had a mosquito sickness that is called chikungunya (I think that's it). I was freezing but I had a high temp. I couldn't walk and my whole body hurt and was covered in a rash. I talked to a Dr. and got pills, but I'm good now.  It sucked but I'm ok now so don't worry

I also had a baptism this week, which was awesome named Carlos!!! I'll send some pics. He is 85 years old and is all there and still works a little.

So, that was my week, really short. I´ll write more next week, Mom, but I love you.  Be safe!!!  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ciudad Sandino Week 67

What a week I have had, holy moly!!!!! Your Friendly neighborhood Elder had changes to a new area!!! Yeah I left Masaya to come to none other than Ciudad Sandino!!!! The awesome thing about this is that Bello Amanecer is the area that is next door!!! Yes I can visit and see all the people I helped and baptized there. Crazy week right!!!

So I left Masaya and had changes. Funny thing is Elder Kliner had changes as well. All that happened to us is that we switched spots. He went to Masaya and I went to Sandino. I now have 3 new companions. Elder Elison who is from a small town out-side of St. George, Elder Petty who is new and is from Tucson AZ, And Elder Paxson who is from Guatemala. Elder Bennett got changed to another area in this zone as well, so you guys will be hearing a little more from stories with him.

Masaya was sad to leave. I knew I wasn’t going to be there that long because they told me so, but on the same hand I didn’t think that I would leave after one change. It was a blessing to see my converts and to be able to baptize others there.

Here in Sandino we had 13 investigators at church!! Four were new people we had found during this past week. We are going to baptize a man named Carlos this week and I’m excited to send photos of his baptism.

I can’t write a whole ton this week because tomorrow I have a presentation that I have to do, but I want to say that I love all of you and I’m happy that your happy!!! I’m praying for you guys have a lot of fun and be safe!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Masaya Week 66

1) High of the week? Finding Carla
2) Interesting, gross, or yummy food you ate this week? Beans and rice, gross and interesting haha
Well it’s your friendly Elder Hironaka coming from Nica TOWN!!!! I want to start by saying how much I miss everyone. I can’t believe that I have been on a mission for 15 months and that I come home in MAY!!! 
This week was great because we met a lady named Carla. Carla is a strong Catholic lady and thinks the Evangelists could be true but at the same time is listening to the JW missionaries. This week was the first time that she had talked to us, the Mormons haha! It was a great lesson we had. We explained the plan of salvation with her. She was brought to tears to know that she could live with her father who recently passed away and that Our Father In Heaven has a plan for her and him. She loved the message and has told us that she would like to be baptized. Cool! Right?
Well mom I liked your question about what part of my testimony has changed during my mission!! The part of my testimony that has changed or has been better understood in my mission is the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that Our Father In Heaven loved us so much that he sent Jesus Christ for us. I know I’m not a Dad, but I find it very hard to send your perfect son to place where you know he is going to suffer the most pain anyone could ever feel, to be laughed at, to be mocked, to be unfairly judged, and to die a slow painful death. For Our Heavenly Father knew that even in His Son’s last words that he would be crying for forgiveness for us. I know that our loving brother Jesus Christ felt my sins and bled for me so that I could be happy. 

P Day Soccer

Monday, September 7, 2015

Best Friends Together in the Gospel

Well another week in the greatest mission in the whole world, NICARGUA MANAGUA SUR!!!!!! (I say it is the greatest because it really is the greatest mission in the whole world) This week was a fun packed week. We were able to baptize 2 young men.  It was super fast because as we have only been teaching them for 3 weeks, but it was still as exciting as always!!!!!! 
So for starters I would like to report on the two dudes that got baptized, Alex and Esteven!!! They are really smart and had a lot of support being that they have been going to the ward of a long time. Alex is cool. He is the best friend of Marcelo’s. (Marcelo is the first convert that I taught in my mission) Yes, Marcelo helped him and wanted him to get baptized, so that he would have a best friend in the church. It was awesome to see how much Marcelo has grown in just one year. I will never forget the day I was able to baptize him.
Esteven is the son of a non-member. He loves singing hymns and every time we taught him he always liked starting with a song. The funniest part is that my companion can’t sing and refuses to try. I can’t sing either but I’m game to a least give it my best, and Esteven likes to sing just quietly. So yeah, it was just me really, haha. And it wasn't the best thing to listen to.
Also we are teaching a man named Rohelio. He is from Panama. He is cool and we are looking forward to seeing him get baptized!!!
I hope everything is going good please be safe!