Monday, September 28, 2015

Ciudad Sandino Week 68

Well it's your Elder Hironaka!!! This week was a long one and one I will not forget because of the pain, haha. 

My week!!!!!
I had a meeting with the other leaders in the mission this week. This meeting can be good or bad… It's good if your zone is doing well. If your zone is doing bad however, you might as well bring a bag to carry your head home in. lucky I have never had a bad zone, so, I have never gotten it too hard.

I also got a little sick this week, which don't worry I doing fine now. I had a mosquito sickness that is called chikungunya (I think that's it). I was freezing but I had a high temp. I couldn't walk and my whole body hurt and was covered in a rash. I talked to a Dr. and got pills, but I'm good now.  It sucked but I'm ok now so don't worry

I also had a baptism this week, which was awesome named Carlos!!! I'll send some pics. He is 85 years old and is all there and still works a little.

So, that was my week, really short. I´ll write more next week, Mom, but I love you.  Be safe!!!  

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