Monday, September 14, 2015

Masaya Week 66

1) High of the week? Finding Carla
2) Interesting, gross, or yummy food you ate this week? Beans and rice, gross and interesting haha
Well it’s your friendly Elder Hironaka coming from Nica TOWN!!!! I want to start by saying how much I miss everyone. I can’t believe that I have been on a mission for 15 months and that I come home in MAY!!! 
This week was great because we met a lady named Carla. Carla is a strong Catholic lady and thinks the Evangelists could be true but at the same time is listening to the JW missionaries. This week was the first time that she had talked to us, the Mormons haha! It was a great lesson we had. We explained the plan of salvation with her. She was brought to tears to know that she could live with her father who recently passed away and that Our Father In Heaven has a plan for her and him. She loved the message and has told us that she would like to be baptized. Cool! Right?
Well mom I liked your question about what part of my testimony has changed during my mission!! The part of my testimony that has changed or has been better understood in my mission is the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that Our Father In Heaven loved us so much that he sent Jesus Christ for us. I know I’m not a Dad, but I find it very hard to send your perfect son to place where you know he is going to suffer the most pain anyone could ever feel, to be laughed at, to be mocked, to be unfairly judged, and to die a slow painful death. For Our Heavenly Father knew that even in His Son’s last words that he would be crying for forgiveness for us. I know that our loving brother Jesus Christ felt my sins and bled for me so that I could be happy. 

P Day Soccer

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