Monday, October 26, 2015

Ciudad Sandino Week 72

Hey there fam-bam, It's your Elder Hironaka. This week was another awesome week here in the mission I was able to feel the spirit and see a family come together! A part from that I was able to have another wedding, baptism, and listen to Elder snow talk.
This month has been a little crazy for my zone. We have had a lot of success and we are preparing to have a great month of November. This last week I was able to go and talk to a investigator for his baptism. He told me that he needed to be get married or that his 17-year-old girl friend had to leave. We told them to think about it and to pray. That next day they told us that they were more than happy to be married and that not only he wanted to be baptized but she would be baptized as well!! It was crazy but was a very cool experience that shows me how powerful family prayer is.
We were blessed to have a wedding and a baptism in our area tool. His name is Jorge. He has 5 kids all under the age of 8. Yes, his house is crazy loud, but I feel comfortable there haha. He has had some problems when it has come to drinking but he has really fought hard and has finally stopped. This week he and his wife had a fight and they told us that they didn't want to get married. We talked to them for a long time and they told us that they would do it. At the baptism it was funny because one of their little boys went for a little swim during the opening prayer in the baptism fount haha.
Saturday morning we also had a multi-mission meeting. We have had a lot of them recently and I feel it is because sometime in the near future Nicaragua will have a temple!!!! But it was great because we listened to Elder Snow talk about how we need to work hard. I also looked around at our mission and thought, "oh crap I'm like one of the older missionaries here"...(time in mission, not age).

This week was a great week and I hope next week will be even better!! I don’t think I will have changes but If I do tell ya about it next week!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!  

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