Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ciudad Sandino Week 70

Ok well this week was a great week. I have a lot to say. We had a multi-zone, two baptisms and I had a great spiritual moment.
Well to start, the multi-zone!!! I taught about teaching and verifying with our investigators. I taught four 45 min. classes! Yes, they were very long. But I made mine fun. We played the game telephone before we started the class. The other missionaries loved it. Also the scary thing is that I now know almost everyone in the mission and I'm getting old for a missionary!!! The Sister that came out with me goes home in one change!!! Crazy!!!! I loved it here though and time is going too fast. It's sad...
This week we also baptized two men named Fuasto and Fransico. They were awesome and super excited for their baptisms. Fuasto even wanted to give the last prayer in his baptism. Which is like a shock because this guy was really timid when we started teaching him. I'll send some pics!
Also this week I would like to share something that happened to me this last week. This last Monday I was able to help Elder Niblet with a family. There were 4 in this family that were ready for baptism. The Father and the Mother needed to get married and but the Father was not on board. Before I talked to the Father I interviewed all the children and the Mother. At the end of each interview I asked each child to tell me something they loved about their Dad. I heard he was their hero, that he had started to change his life for them, that he is a hard worker, that they love him, and that they want him to get married and later also be baptized. I asked every one of them to close with prayer and if they would like to pray and ask Our Father In Heaven to touch his heart and for him to say yes to being married. I did the same with the Mother and asked her if she wanted to be married and have the opportunity to be a forever family. As she cried she told me she would want nothing more. She as well prayed for him to have a change of heart. When I spoke to the Dad I felt the sprit very strong working in the man. I felt the sprit touch his heart as he listened to the things his 3 children and wife (not married yet) told me. He told me yes, that he was willing to do it. The Mother and her children were baptized 2 days ago. I know this gospel is true and I know prayers are heard.

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