Monday, November 2, 2015

Ciudad Sandino Week 73

Well Guys its your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka!!! I was very happy to see all the fun photos that were taken on this last Halloween!!! I’m very grateful for my wonderful family that I was given by our Heavenly Father!!!

So this week was a crazy week of changes. First thing first my great friend elder Kliener became AP this last week!!!! I'm so happy for him he is going to do a great job.  I didn't get changed which I was very very grateful for. I did however receive a new missionary named Elder Seneca. He is pretty dang cool and came right from high school. He has the desire to work very hard and help others come unto Christ. He is new so he is still learning a lot. Funny little side story is that he wanted to say that he was embarrassed but said, ¨estoy embarazada¨, which means I’m pregnant, haha. It is a normal mistake but it's funny. We were also able to bring many people to church this week. All in all great week!!!!

We are also going to have a baptism this next week for someone named Maria Lena. She is super cool. She has stopped doing things that she never thought she could stop and she is changing her life!!!

Well I'm working hard on a PowerPoint so I'll talk more next week but wanted to say I love you all!!!!! BE SAFE!!!!!!

Your elder,

Elder Hironaka

Yeah Elder Hironaka's package arrived!

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