Monday, November 9, 2015


Hey Everyone!!!! Like always it's your Friendly Neighborhood Elder Hironaka!!!

So this week started with last p-day. The zone has been doing awesome these last couple of weeks so we had an awesome p-day with the mission President. We played soccer and ate pizza. All in all this last p-day was pretty good!!!
We also had the ZL meeting this week. It went really well and I learned a lot from it. I learned that in life people who are really successful are those who fully accept responsibility. I'm very sorry Dad when I talked back and didn't accept what needed to be done.
This week we are planning the baptisms of Jovel and Marialena. They have changed very much in these last 2 weeks and I'm very very proud of them for that!!! It's an honor to see when people change their lives because they know this gospel is true!!!!
Also my new son is like a track super star in long distance, so I'm dying every morning from running, haha. 

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