Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 75 Ciudad Sandino

It was cool seeing the pics of Elder Wright getting home. I remember when I was leaving for my mish & Mom you were like, “look Dallin has been out 7 months already”, haha!!! I almost only have 6 months left!

First, we were able to have 2 baptisms this week, Jovel and Francis. Jovel was a chosen investigator. He contacted us in the street and has progressed everyday. He has a desire to know what our Heavenly Father has planned for him. Francis was is a little girl who is the grand daughter of Carlos. I baptized Carlos a month ago and that experience was cool because he confirmed her the day after she was baptized. I know this great gospel can bring everyone together. 

So, I think this work really brings and can start up relationships. So Jovel who just got baptized met my other investigator Maria two weeks ago. Yesterday I found out that in the last week they have gone on like 3 dates and yesterday they walked home holding hands and everything. Jovel, even asked when I visited the next time if he could come over with me, haha. If the relationship is like most of the relationships here I think they will get married by the time I leave.

Also this week a new missionary got sent to the hospital to get his appendix taken out... he will stay in the mission but it was a little freaky!!!!!!!

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