Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 78 Ciudad Sandino

Merry Christmas!!!!!! It’s your jolly ole Elder Hironaka!!!!!!!

This week has been great! Everyone here is really into Christmas cheer!!!

So, this week was the ZL meeting! It was great and I learned a lot. We talked about being bold! I know if we are not scared and choose to open our mouths to teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ we will be heard and if we are bold the sprit will be that much stronger!!!

We also are now showing the video Ha Nacido Un Salvador. This message is the church’s message for this year. It would be cool Mom if you shared this video!!!!

I also would like to share that we were able to baptize Steve!!! 

Don’t worry about me this year as far as food goes, because I’m mot lying when I say that there are like 20 families that want us to come for dinner on Christmas! I’m going to have workout hard to lose all the weight I’m going to gain, haha!

Love, Elder Hironaka

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